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List of Accepted Special Sessions

List of Accepted Special Sessions

The following is a list of special sessions to be organised at Control 2016. The list will be updated as we receive more proposals.

  • Control and forecasting techniques for wave energy systems

Organiser: Professor John Ringwood, Maynooth University, Ireland

  • Advanced Modeling, Optimization and Control for Energy and Power Generation/Transmission Systems

Organisers: Jing Na and Guido Herrmann (University of Bristol), Quanmin Zhu (University of the West of England), Guang Li (Queen Mary University of London)

  • Applications of MATLAB and Simulink with hardware

Organisers: Kameswarie Nunna and Coorous Mohtadi, The Mathworks Ltd.

  • Virtual Reality and Robotics

Organisers: Karen Rafferty and Wasif Naeem, Queen's University Belfast, UK

  • Recent Advances in Spacecraft Modelling and Control

Organisers: Guangfu MA, Chuanjiang LI , Yanning GUO and Yueyong LV, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Special Sessions
Special Sessions