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The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland is annexed to and an integral part of the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement. It comprises a preamble and 19 Articles. There are also seven Annexes (see below). The Articles cover:

(1) Objectives; (2) Rights of Individuals; (3) Common Travel Area; (4) Customs territory of the United Kingdom; (5) Customs, movement of goods; (6) Protection of the UK internal market; (7) Technical regulations, assessments, registrations, certificates, approvals and authorisations; (8) VAT and excise; (9) Single electricity market;  (10) State aid;  (11) Other areas of North-South cooperation; (12) Implementation, application, supervision and enforcement; (13) Common provisions; (14) Specialised Committee; (15) Joint consultative working group; (16) Safeguards; (17) Protection of financial interests; (18) Democratic consent in Northern Ireland; (19) Annexes.



The seven Annexes to the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland contain either lists of EU acts applicable in the United Kingom 'in respect of Northern Ireland' (Annexes 1-5) or provisions detailing specific processes (Annexes 6-7) 

For details of the EU acts listed in Annexes 1-5, see the Applicable EU Law. These lists can be revised/updated by Decisions of the Joint Committee.

Annnex 1. Provisions of Union Law Referred to in Article 2(1)  Individual rights
Annnex 2. Provisions of Union Law Referred to in Article 5(4) Movement of goods
Annnex 3. Provisions of Union Law Referred to in Article 8 VAT and excise
Annnex 4. Provisions of Union Law Referred to in Article 9  Single electricity market
Annnex 5. Provisions of Union Law Referred to in Article 10(1) State aid
Annnex 6. Procedures referred to in Article 10(2) State aid and subsidies for agriculture
Annnex 7. Procedures referred to in Article 16(3) Safeguards