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Applicable EU Law

The Protocol on Ireland Northern Ireland provides for the application of certain provisions of EU law in the UK 'in respect of Northern Ireland'. The specific provisions are set out in the Protocol and its Annexes. 

Where these provisions of EU law, mostly directives and regulations, are amended or replaced, those amendments and replacements apply automatically 'in respect of Northern Ireland'.

Where the EU adopts a new act that falls within the scope of the Protocol - for example, concerning the free movement of goods - it is for the UK and the EU to decide in the Joint Committee whether the new act should be added to the relevant Annex of the Protocol and made applicable 'in respect of Northern Ireland'. An initial set of additions was agreed in December 2020.

The project is monitoring the range of EU law applicable 'in respect of Northern Ireland' under the Protocol. It has developed a database providing links to each applicable EU act as well as the relevant implementing acts adopted by the EU. Through the database the Project will record additions, amendments and replacements as well as the deletions and instances where, through expiry, an EU act no longer applies. 

The spreadsheet below lists EU law that applies to the UK 'in respect of Northern Ireland' through the Protocol as at 1 January 2024. It notes where amendments, replacements and additions to EU law applicable under the Protocol have been made in the 3 years since its entry into force.

For an overview of these changes see the project explainers on six months, one year, 18 months, two years, 30 months, and three years of dynamic regulatory alignment.