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Bedside Screen Basics

 Bedside Screen Basics                 Bedside Screen Criteria               What to do with a Bedside Screen outcome?               



What to do with a bedside screen?
What Next

Daily Bedside Screen 'How To' Resources

Each of the documents below are designed to be printed in double sided format.

To make the lanyard cards please print the cards 6 slides to one A4 page in double sided format. Laminate the page and cut away the borders. Each double sided A4 page will produce 6 lanyard cards.

Daily Bedside Screen Criteria Explained & Next Steps- double sided document explaining in detail how to assess and document the daily bedside screen criteria to the front. To the rear a series of 'next steps' to guide you on how to proceed follwoing a screen.

Exceptions to the Rule Key- key with a detailed explanation of legitiamte circumstances when you may not be able to proceed to an SBT following a successful bedside scree.

Bedside Checklist with completed scenario examples- please choose the most appropriate example for your PICU setting.


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