Cancer Epidemiology

The Cancer Epidemiology and Health Services Research Group (CEHSRG) was founded by Emeritus Professor Liam Murray and is allied to the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR).  The aim of the group is ‘to undertake research of clinical and public health relevance aimed at preventing cancer development and progression and improving the care and quality of life of patients diagnosed with cancer.  The group has 2 main research strands:

  • Cancer Epidemiology/Cancer Progression Research
  • Cancer Health Services and Survivorship Research

Researchers from the CEHSRG work within a multi-disciplinary network of national and international collaborators with particularly strong links with researchers at the National Cancer Institution (NCI), USA and several of the group have completed the NCI Cancer Prevention Fellowship Programme.  Other key collaborators include members of the Epidemiology Centre, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA.  The group has an excellent record of supervising MPhil, MD and PhD students to completion of their higher degrees and having students’ work published in peer-reviewed journals.


Current academic staff members with links to their specific research interests: 

Dr Lesley Anderson

Dr Finian Bannon

Dr Chris Cardwell

Dr Helen Coleman

Dr Anna Gavin