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Welcome to the Centre for Public Health

The Centre for Public (CPH) Health is based within three buildings on Royal Victoria Hospital Site and is one of three research Centres in the School of Medicine Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences. 

CPH is committed to identifying the epidemiological and genetic risk factors that are important for the health of the individual and of the population and to develop screening and interventions to reduce the burden of chronic diseases in the future. Thus advancing the health of the public at a regional, national and international level, by increasing knowledge and influencing clinical and public health practice and policy.

Supporting research into fixing the consequences of the COVID-19

A group of fantastic local recording artists have re-recorded the song Heal the Broken Land. They want to support research into fixing the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and to thank the fantastic work being undertaken by our healthcare workers. The video is very moving and the song signposts the values and challenges of reforming a new society in Northern Ireland and across the world. Funds raised will help start research to develop a rehabilitation programme focused on the needs for individuals recovering from COVID-19 disease. This will be a collaborative programme between Queen’s, Ulster University, and the HSC. Please share video with family, friends and colleagues.

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