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Prof. Sean McLoone
Director of Energy, Power and Intelligent Control research cluster
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E-mail: s dot mcloone at qub dot ac dot uk
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Recent Publications (2020 onwards)


Journal Paper

  1. Zanon, M., Zambonin, G., Susto, G. A. & McLoone, S., Sparse Logistic Regression: Comparison of Regularization and Bayesian implementations (2020), Algorithms , Vol. 13, 2020

  2. Sun, T., Liu, H., McLoone, S., Ji, S. & Wu, X., Time series indexing by dynamic covering with cross-range constraints (2020), The International Jounal on Very Large Data Bases , 2020

  3. Jin, S., Chen, L., Sun, R. & McLoone, S., A novel vSLAM framework with unsupervised semantic segmentation based on adversarial transfer learning (2020), Applied Soft Computing , Vol. 90, 2020

Conference Paper

  1. Trimble, S., Naeem, W., McLoone, S. & Sopasakis, P., Context-aware robotic arm using fast embedded model predictive control (2020), Irish Systems and Signals Conference: Proceedings , May 2020

  2. Zocco, F. & McLoone, S., An Adaptive Memory Multi-Batch L-BFGS Algorithm for Neural Network Training (2020), 21st IFAC World Congress , Apr 2020