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Mr. Paul Brogan
Research Fellow
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E-mail: paul dot brogan at qub dot ac dot uk
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Journal Paper

  1. Brogan, P., Best, R., Morrow, D., Duncan, R. & Kubik, M. L., Stacking Battery Energy Storage Revenues with Enhanced Service Provision (2019), IET Smart Grid , 2019

  2. Brogan, P. V., Best, R. J., Morrow, D. J., McKinley, K. & Kubik, M. L., Effect of BESS Response on Frequency and RoCoF During Under Frequency Transients (2018), IEEE Transactions on Power Systems , Vol. 34, 2018, (pp575-583)

  3. Brogan, P., Best, R., Morrow, D., Gharavi Ahangar, H. & Kubik, M. L., Modelling optimisation and protection outcomes from distributed assets controlled to reduce a PMU based multi-objective cost function (2018), IET The Journal of Engineering , Vol. 2018, 2018, (pp891-895)

  4. Brogan, P. V., Laverty, D. M., Zhao, X., Hastings, J., Morrow, D. J. & Vanfretti, L., Technique for Pre-Compliance Testing of Phasor Measurement Units (2018), International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems , Vol. 99, 2018, (pp323–330)

  5. Laverty, D. M., Best, R. J., Brogan, P., Al-Khatib, I., Vanfretti, L. & Morrow, D. J., The OpenPMU Platform for Open Source Phasor Measurements (2012), IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement , Vol. 62, 2012, (pp701-709)

Conference Paper

  1. Lopez Lorente, J., Liu, X., Morrow, D. & Brogan, P., Potential for Crowdsourced Weather Stations to Assess Intra-Hourly Variability of Photovoltaic Systems (2019), 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition: Proceedings , 2019, (pp1410-1416)

  2. Brogan, P. V., Best, R., Morrow, D., Bradley, C., Rafferty, M. & Kubik, M. ., Triggering BESS Inertial Response with Synchronous Machine Measurements (2018), 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM): Proceedings , Jul 2018

  3. Brogan, P. V., Best, R., Morrow, D. J., Alikhanzadeh, A. . & Kubik, M. ., Per Unit Displacement of Synchronous Inertia With BESS Synthetic Inertia Devices (2018), 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM): Proceedings , Jul 2018

  4. Best, R., Alikhanzadeh, A. H., Brogan, P., Morrow, D., Kubik, M. . & Mongan, B., Reactive Power Injection from Battery Energy Storage During Voltage Dips at a Thermal Power Plant (2018), 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM): Proceedings , Jul 2018

  5. Rafferty, M., Brogan, P., Hastings, J., Laverty, D., Liu, X. & Khan, R., Local Anomaly Detection by Application of Regression Analysis on PMU Data (2018), IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting , Jan 2018

  6. Katsimichas, A., Brogan, P. & Laverty, D., XML data interface and PMU testing applications for synchrophasor estimation with a reconfigurable controller (2014), 49th International Universities Power Engineering Conference, UPEC 2014 , Oct 2014

  7. Brogan, P., Morrow, J., Best, R. & Laverty, D., Efficacy of Wind Power in Mitigation of CO2 Emission from the Irish Electrical Grid (2014), IEEE PES General Meeting 2014 , Jul 2014, (pp1-5)

  8. Brogan, P., Morrow, J., Laverty, D. & Best, R., Python PSS/E Simulation to Test Efficacy of Proposed PMU Based WAMS and Potential WAMPAC Applications (2013), 48th International Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC) , 2013

  9. Brogan, P., Morrow, D. J., Best, R. & Laverty, D., Development and assessment of a robust optimization metric for WAMPAC modeling (2013), IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 2013 (PES 13) , Jul 2013, (pp1-5)

  10. Yang, Y., McLaughlin, K., Sezer, S., Littler, T., Pranggono, B., Brogan, P. & Wang, H., Intrusion Detection System for Network Security in Synchrophasor Systems (2013), IET International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (IETICT 2013) , Apr 2013