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EPSRC GCRF Award Workshops

Big Data Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Grid Modernization


Big data is revolutionising and redefining all aspects of our lives as individual consumers, as businesses and as a society. ‘High performance data analytics’ has been recognised as a major player and a game changer for the modern electric power industry. The workshop aims to bring together international experts from both academia and industry in the UK, China, Ireland and US to address big data challenges in smart grid modernisation. Smart grid modernisation is a key component of China’s ambition to deliver a clean, reliable electricity supply to all its citizens, and in particular in rural areas.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-time PMU based data analytics and visualization
  • Energy forecasting with increased embedded renewable generation
  • Data driven demand side management
  • Smart Grid wide-area monitoring and visualization
  • Smart Grid cyber security

The workshop will be held in Zhejiang University over 2 days from 19 Nov to 20 Nov 2016 and will include an industrial visit to Shanghai Minhang Huadian Energy on 21 Nov 2016. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to provide a platform for attendees to share ideas and develop a road map for future collaborations to address major challenges that exist around big data with application in the clean energy domain. 

Main objectives of the workshop 

  • Provide a platform for stakeholders to exchange experiences, and identify promising research directions to address the big data challenges in the smart grid area, with a particular focus on improving the security of electricity supply to rural communities and creating business opportunities for these communities as ‘prosumers’ (i.e. selling services to the grid)
  • Identify topics where Queen's University Belfast and China can collaborate to deliver high quality research outputs in the smart grid big data area and explore opportunities for future grant applications to support these collaborations. 

Sponsored by: EPSRC Global Challenge Research Fund

Scientific Organising Committee

Chair:        Prof Sean McLoone, Queen’s University Belfast,

Co-Chair:  Dr Xueqin (Amy) Liu, Queen’s University Belfast,

Co-Chair:  Prof Lei Xie, Zhejiang University,

About Hangzhou

G20 summit has just been held in Hangzhou on 4-5th Sep, 2016. 

More details about Hangzhou:



Atour Hotel of Hangzhou Huanglong, Address: No.3, Tihuaner Road, Xihu, 310007, Hangzhou, China杭州黄龙亚朵酒店 (杭州市), 浙江省杭州市西湖区体环二路3号 310007


Workshop Location:

Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University


Draft agenda:

Day 1 - 19 November 2016


Registration & Intro



Zhejiang University/Queen’s University Belfast


Introduction of Queen’s University Belfast

Prof Sean McLoone, Head of Research Cluster, QUB, UK


Keynote 1: Big Data Challenges – UK Industrial Perspective:

Load Forecasting with Increased Embedded Generation

Mr Tom McCartan, Assistant Grid Control Manager, System Operator Northern Ireland/ Eirgrid, UK/Ireland


Keynote 2: Investment Decisions for Reliability Improving in Distribution Network

Prof Junyong Liu, Head of School, Sichuan University, China

12:00-12:20     Tea Break & Networking


Keynote 3: Adopting Smart Grid Approaches to Enhance System Flexibility

Prof Damian Flynn, Deputy Director, University College Dublin, Ireland


Lunch and networking


Keynote 4: Application of Big Data to Enhance Power System Stability

Dr Wuxing Liang, Principal System Engineer, GE Grid Solutions, UK


Keynote 5: Wide-area Synchronized Measurements at the Distribution Level and Their Applications

Micah Till, (on behalf of Prof Yilu Liu), University of Tennessee, US


Keynote 6: Big Data Applications in Smart Grid -  Practical Experience of China Power Information Technology


Huayong Luo, Head of Cloud Computing Division, Beijing Power Information Technology, State Grid, China

16:00-16:30     Tea Break & Networking


Keynote 7: A Joint Probabilistic Analytical Model Considering Wind Generation and Load Uncertainties

Prof Libao Shi, Tsinghua University, China


Research Challenges in Big data Analytics with Application in Smart Grids

Round table discussion


Dinner & Networking

Day 2 – 20 November 2016


Keynote 8: Cyber Security Challenges in the Smart Grid

Dr Kieran McLaughlin, QUB, UK



Keynote 9: Global Energy Interconnection Based Power System Key Technologies and Equipment

Prof Xueguang Wu, National Distinguished Expert of ‘1000-Elite Program’, State Grid Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute, China


Keynote 10: PV eCloud Application

Dr Weizeng Liu, Vice President TBEA Group, China

11:00-11:30    Tea Break & Networking


Keynote 11: WAN-friendly Publish-Subscribe Architecture to Support Next-Generation Smart-Grid Applications

Dr John Hastings, Research Assistant, QUB, UK


Keynote 12: Smart Grid Big Data Analytics on Wide-area Synchronized Measurements

Dr Xueqin (Amy) Liu, QUB, UK


Lunch break and networking


Keynote 12:  Title to be confirmed

Mr Tang Xin, Vice- Chief Engineer, State Grid Jia Xing Distribution System Operator, China


Keynote 14: Energy Forecasting Challenge for Future Power System Planning - A Brief Insight

Dr Siqi Bu, National Grid/Hongkong Polytechnic University, HongKong, China


Keynote 15: Title to be confirmed

Mr Weimin Guo, Section Chief, State Grid EPRI in Henan province, China

15:10-15:30     Tea Break & Networking


Keynote 16: Cybersecurity Practice and  Big Data Application in Jiangsu Power Grid

Dr Yi Yang, State Grid EPRI in Jiangsu province, China


Future collaboration opportunities

QUB/Round table discussion


Concluding Remarks

Zhejiang University/QUB


Dinner & Networking

Day 3 – 21 November 2016

10.30 -17.30         Industrial visit to Shanghai Minhang Huadian Energy