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Progress Report - August 2011

Work is steadily progressing in two distinct areas:

Path planning

1. A comprehensive literature review is being carried out by the PhD student, Sable Campbell.
2. 2 conference papers have been accepted in refereed international conferences.
  • Naeem, W and Irwin, GW, "An Automatic Collision Avoidance Strategy for Unmanned Surface Vehicles", Proc. Int. Conf. on Life System Modelling and Simulation, LSMS 2010 and Int. Conf. on Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment, ICSEE 2010, Wuxi, China, Sept 2010, Part II, Springer, Communications in Computer and Information Science.
  • Naeem, W and Irwin GW, "Evasive Decision Making in Uninhabited Maritime Vehicles", Accepted for presentation in the IFAC World COngress, Milan, Italy, Aug/Sep 2011.

3. An invited journal paper entitled "COLREGs-based Collision Avoidance Strategy for Unmanned Surface Vehicles" has been submitted to the IFAC Mechatronics Journal.

4. A talk was given at the Knowledge Transfer Network Workshop (Aerospace, Aviation and Defence), Bridging the Autonomous Divide, in London in May 2011. Details can be found here.


Obstacle Detection

1. A Post doctoral Research Assistant, Dr Mamun Abu-Tair, commenced on July 1, 2011 to work on object detection using a camera mounted on a pan and tilt platform combined with a laser range sensor.

Dr Abu-Tair will develop video processing algorithms for obstacle detection and classification in real time. A risk assessment methodology will be developed to classify potential collisions and integrated with path planning methods.


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COLREGs-based Evasive Decision Making in Maritime Vehicles
COLREGs-based Evasive Decision Making in Maritime Vehicles