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EnAlgae LogoEnAlgae is a now completed four year strategic initative of  the INTERREG IVB North West Europe programme. It brought together 19 partners and 14 observers across 7 EU member states with the aim of developing sustainable technologies for algal biomass production.

Queen's University's role within the EnAlgae project was as a pilot site for the production of macroalgae, specifically the kelp species Laminaria digitata, Saccharina latissima and Alaria esculenta. Based at the Queen's Marine Laboratory in Portaferry, the project aimed to set up a custom designed hatchery facility for macroalgae, which were then transferred to longlines in Strangford Lough for onward growth.The long term aim of this study was to see if it is possible to grow sufficient biomass of good enough quality to be used for the production of biofuels. In this respect the project has been very successful, and has lead to future funding in the field of maximising seaweed longline growth as a contributor to the Seagas Project.

The growth at Queen's EnAlgae pilot site was compared with similar sites operated by partners in Galway and Brittany.

There are several steps to large scale macroalgal production. Further information can be found by clicking the links below:

Or by contacting the Queen's EnAlgae staff:

Project Manager
Dr. Karen Mooney

Emma Gorman