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Archaeology and Palaeoecology placements

Typically, students will come for a week during term time, but other timings can be accommodated.

The students are given an orientation tour of the Department and meet some students and staff. They are trained in the laboratory techniques and the health and safety issues involved in the recovery of small finds and environmental data from excavated samples.

They are given background information about the material they are working on and the site it comes from, and about Archaeology in Northern Ireland.

They work in the post-excavation laboratories, assisting archaeologists using standard post-excavation techniques to recover artefacts and environmental material from current and past excavations. All our work is hands-on real work – contributing to the knowledge of Archaeology in Northern Ireland.

They attend level 1 lectures in Archaeology and Palaeoecology. They are given information about the courses in Archaeology at Queen’s and job prospects.

For more information or to enrol students on the programme, please contact:

Dr Finbar McCormick
School of Geography, Archaeology & Palaeoecology,
Queen’s University Belfast,
Belfast BT7 1NN.,

Email Finbar

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