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Opportunities in QUILL

PhD Vacancies

There are no PhD vacancies at this time

Employment Opportunities with QUILL

Current employment opportunities within QUILL are listed in this section - for further information, please click the links to be taken to the Queen's University Career Opportunities website, where personnel specifications, etc. can be located, in addition to information about how to apply (links will open in a new tab/window): 

Research Fellow - valorisation of waste plastic, through upgrading the products of plastic pyrolysis to lubricant base oils

Research Fellow - Catalytic Gas-to-Liquid Process for the Valorisation of CO from Biogas

Funding sources

Postdoctoral Researchers

We welcome applications worldwide from candidates with high quality CVs and relevant experience. Post-doctoral researchers are particularly encouraged to apply for independent funding, such as:

Candidates will receive strong support with these applications including assistance with research proposals.


Self-funded students are welcome to contact the center informally. If you plan to apply for a funding scheme, please contact us to discuss a potential project before applying formally.

Undergraduate Students

Each year, we welcome Level 3 and 4 students for their final year research projects. Although individual projects vary, they follow the main research themes in the group. Each student works closely with a more experienced group member.

Undergraduate Summer Students

Funded summer studentships are available annually through various funding streams, including RSC and QUILL summer studentships. The deadlines for applications are quite early on in the year so students are encouraged to get in touch in advance to consider a potential application.

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