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Astrophysics Research Centre

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Research Strengths

Recent research highlights; finding dozens of extra-solar planets, discovering giant twisting waves in the sun, and studying an asteroid before it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

We have also identified progenitor stars of supernovae before they exploded, and discovered some of the most luminous explosions in the universe.

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Special Features

ARC is a leading partner in facilities to discovery exoplanets and in the Pan-STARRS programme to identify moving and explosive phenomena.

ARC built and runs a state-of-the-art, high-speed solar imager, called ROSA. We lead the development of a first light camera for the world’s largest solar telescope under construction in Hawaii.

Research in Astrophysics

The major research themes focus on the dynamic universe. We search for distant supernovae and their progenitor stars to understand what drives these explosions.

We study the asteroid and comet population in the solar system and have built instruments to take high-frequency observations of the solar surface.The discovery of planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy is one of the most active new areas in astronomy.

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Atomistic Simulation Centre

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Research in Atomistic Simulation

We develop theory and computational methods for atomic scale modelling and simulation of hard and soft condensed matter systems of experimental and practical interest.

We possess a wide range of mutually complementary theoretical and computational expertise: large-scale classical molecular dynamics; statistical mechanics; quantum Monte-Carlo; classical and quantum nuclear dynamics; quantum transport. Moreover, we maintain core competences in high performance and parallel computing.

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Centre for Nanostructured Media

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Research in Nanostructured Media

Our research is targeted at two complementary themes; nanoscale functional materials and devices and nanophotonics and plasmonics.

Being able to combine our established strengths in both themes places us in a unique position in UK and beyond. Both these themes encompass and cover our expertise in underlying science and materials for next generation data storage and information processing technologies.

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Centre for Plasma Physics

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Research in the World of Plasma Physics

The Centre works to advance understanding of ionised matter research with an emphasis on laser and electrically produced plasmas and a focus on femtosecond

CPP creates a critical mass for plasma physics and short-pulse laser interaction research in the UK. In the last few years several substantial grants have enabled us to enhance this research activity through the installation of the 30TW chirped pulse amplification laser facility TARANIS.

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Centre for Statistical Science and Operational Research

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Statistical Science and Operational Research

Current research interests of CenSSOR include Survival Analysis, Bayesian networks, Markov Modelling and Stochastic Models.

Research interests of individual CenSSOR members can be found within their home research pages under CenSSOR Members


Centre for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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Research in Theoretical Atomic,Molecular and Optical

The main areas of activity encompass atomic collisions and structure; strong field processes; quantum information, computing and optics; ultra-cold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensation.

A continuing strong theme is the development of major computer codes that exploit massively parallel supercomputers. Many of the codes originated by CTAMOP are used worldwide.

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Pure Mathematics Research Centre

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Mathematical Research

The Pure Mathematics Research Centre focuses on research in the areas of Functional Analysis, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Algebraic Topology and Algebra, with strong interdisciplinary connections.

For the students in the fourth year (MSci), the Centre offers a range of year long projects in a large number of areas including Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Topology. It possesses expertise in topics as diverse as stable homotopy theory,model categories, finiteness conditions in algebra and linear dynamics

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