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Control 2016 Best Papers Winners

Control 2016 Best Papers WInners

Non-Student Category

  • Siavash Ahmadi Barogh and Herbert Werner - Cascaded Formation Control Using Angle and Distance Between Agents with Orientation Control
  • Eric Rogers, Wojciech Paszke, Marcin Boski (Runner-up) - A frequency-partitioning approach to robust output control of uncertain discrete linear repetitive processes

Student Category

  • Francesco Paparella and John V. Ringwood - Enhancement of the Wave Energy Conversion Characteristics of a Hinge-Barge Using Pseudospectral Control
  • Jin Zhang, Chen Peng, Suhaib Masroor, Hongtao Sun and Lin Chai (Runner-up) - Stability analysis of networked control systems with denial-of-service attacks

Best Elevator Pitch (PG Workshop)

  • Adrian O'Sullivan - Increasing Electrical Power Maximisation by Incorporating Field Weakening
  • Xiaoqing Chen (Runner-up) - Automatic detection of Tap Changes on an electricity grid

We wish to congratulate all the winners for this great achievement.