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Congratulations to the 2021 CQC Queen’s Scholar Awardees: Li Peifeng, Ge Yu, Tao Yushi & Liu Xinyi

The CQC Scholar awards recognise the commitment of four of our highest-achieving students.

Mr Li Peifeng, Mr Ge Yu, Ms Tao Yushi & Ms Liu Xinyi

These students have also chosen to continue their educational journey as postgraduate doctoral students within the School pf Pharmacy at Queen’s. The CQC Queen’s Scholar Awards are prestigious awards, and recognition of outstanding achievement.

The Award recipients also become ambassadors for our Joint College, for China Medical University and for Queen’s University. As ambassadors, they will return to CMU to share their continuing experience with students of our Joint College as part of the Queen’s community.

We look forward to welcoming each of our CQC Queen’s Scholar Award recipients to Belfast very soon.

The CQC Queen’s Scholarship of £9,000, is awarded as a £3,000 reduction on gross tuition fees each year, up to a maximum of three years.