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Afternoon Session

Afternoon Session, MBC, LT1 CHAIR: Dr A Spence

    1. Theory-guided interprofessional simulation: Designing an in-situ simulation programme to enhance transformative agency and enable organisational change
      Dr Sarah O'Hare, Dr Richard Conn, Prof Gerard Gormley

    2. Mental health crisis assessments: feasibility study using an interdisciplinary, forum theatre-based, simulation framework
      Dr Paula Houton, Ms Lisa Morrison, Dr May McCann, Prof Gerry Gormley, Prof Gavin Davidson, Dr Helen Reid, Dr Paul Murphy

    3. Exploring the Embodied Experience of Simulated Participants in Representing Illness
      Dr Linda Ni Chianain, Dr Jenny Johnston, Prof Gerry Gormley
Oral Presentation Abstracts
Oral Presentation Abstracts