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Technology Enhanced Simulation

Technology-enhanced Simulation, MBC, LT2 CHAIR: Dr S Haughey

    1. From concept to production: A screenplay for crafting educational Highly Immersive Virtual Environments (HIVEs) for simulation learning
      Mr Toan Pham, Dr Paul Hamilton, Prof Gerry Gormley, Mr David Hardy, Dr Davina Carr

    2. An Immersive Model Simulating Massive Surgical Haemorrhage
      Prof Tim Brown, Mr Stephen O'Neill, Prof Frank Lyons

    3. Developing an International Virtual Gaming Simulation on a Patient with COPD & Complex Medication Profile 
      Miss Alison Smart, Miss Outi Lastumäki, Miss Sanna Sandström, Prof Kateryna Metersky, Prof Michelle Hughes, Miss Caitlin Cosgrove

    4. Evaluation of a Virtual Reality (Simulated Clinical Treatment) program for Undergraduate (Year 2) Dental Students
      Dr Lorna Dysart, Ms Amanda Jackson, Dr Amanda Willis, Dr Stephen Adair

    5. The use of Virtual Reality Simulation (VRS) into final year of the Undergraduate Nursing Education Programmes 
      Dr Siobhan Smyth, Dr Fionnuala Jordan, Dr Yvonne Finn, Prof Nadin Dütthorn, Miss Luisa Groddeck

    6. Virtual Reality Simulation in Nursing and Midwifery Education  
      Dr Brendan Noonan, Ms Megan McCarthy, Mr Billy O'Mahony, Mr Eoghan Cooke, Prof Josephine Hegarty, Dr David Murphy, Ms Nuala Walshe, Dr Mohamad Saab

    7. Feasibility study to examine the use of replica 3-dimensional anatomical models as an adjunct to fully autonomous surgical consent 
      Prof Tim Brown

    8. Developing a clamshell thoracotomy model for multidisciplinary simulation training 
      Miroslav Voborsky, Dr Victoria Meighan, Prof Walter Eppich,  Dr Claire Condron, Adam Roche, Dr Ger O’Connor
Oral Presentation Abstracts
Oral Presentation Abstracts