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Point of View Simulation

Point of View Simulation, MBC, LT1 CHAIR: Dr P Hamilton

    1. Immersive Simulated Dementia Training 
      Dr Debbie Rainey, Dr Billie Joan Rice, Miss Alison Smart

    2. EmpathEyes: Investigating the impact of virtual reality simulating visual impairment on parents of children with visual impairment 
      Dr Michael Williams, Miss Chloe Wagstaff, Prof Gerry Gormley

    3. Enhancing design: introducing engineering students to point of view medical simulation
      Dr Kathryn Fee, Miss Aislinn McAleenan, Prof Gerry Gormley

    4. Learning from the point-of-view simulation of illness experiences for healthcare professions: a scoping review of the literature
      Miss Milda Karvelyte, Dr Janet Rogers, Prof Gerard J Gormley

    5. Stepping into the shoes of older patients: a scoping review of simulating ageing experiences for healthcare professional students
      Dr Elaine Nelson, Dr Andrew Spence, Prof Gerry Gormley

    6. Examining within simulated and real patients’ personal space: bringing clarity to the blurred lines 
      Miss Chara Banks-McGovern, Dr Diane Wilson, Prof Gerard J Gormley, Dr Grainne P Kearney

    7. Medical students lived experiences of online Forum Theatre as a form of learning in consulting with victims of domestic abuse 
      Dr Daire McGrath Dr Gerard Gormley, Dr Helen Reid, Dr Paul Murphy

Oral Presentation Abstracts
Oral Presentation Abstracts