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Conor Stitt

2015 - Conor StittMy name is Conor Stitt I am currently studying ICT level two at Hugh J O'Boyle Training agency. I am currently on placement at Centre for Data Digitisation Analysis (CDDA) at Queen's University Belfast which specialises in collecting and processing historical materials, I enjoy it a lot because I have an interest in history. I previously went to Knockbreda High School for my GCSE'S and my favourite subject was science.  I was a good student but I didn't wish to continue my education in a school because I didn't enjoy the structure of learning, I wanted more freedom in my education and environment.

I heard about Hugh J O'Boyle from a family member who was studying there and I thought it sounded right for me it was small but had a lot more freedoms and trained people for the world of work that was just what I was looking for. The staff in Hugh J O'Boyle are so understanding to your needs as a student and do the very best they can to make you feel welcome and safe in your learning environment.

I decided to go for an ICT qualification because I enjoy using and working on computers and I thought an ICT course was the best option for me to work on career and give me more work opportunities. CDDA have put me through an ECDL as well this is an ICT qualification recognised all over Europe, this means I can work internationally all over Europe.

CDDA is a great working environment as it has helped me understand what an ICT job will require. The staff of CDDA are so helpful and will help you along every step of your training, and if you have any interests on being trained in something such as 3-D scanning then just ask and if they can help you and if they can they will. That's what I did I asked to be trained in 3-D scanning and now that's what I'm currently doing I have just covered photogrammetry and I'm now working on 360 scanning.

In CDDA I have been working on a lot of projects some small and some big but in nearly all of them I have used my training in data capture by using a variety of equipment such as a flatbed scanners, map scanners or the 35 mm scanner which can scan either 35 mm images or negative images. I have been trained to use image editing software such as Photoshop, SRZ proscan and ABBY fine reader. I have also been trained to use Microsoft products such as the basics from Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The latest project I worked on was for Ulster Folk and Transport the museum capturing transcripts for museum accession cards. The end goal of the project was to make the information digitally accessibly faster and this would provide all the necessary information.

After I finish my course I plan to either continue my education in ICT or become employed.

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ITQ/NVQ Testimonials