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Kieran Paul Greene

Salters' Graduate Prize Winner.

Studied Chemical Engineering at Queen's.

female student examines slides on a microscope whilst a male student takes notes

Chemical Engineering MEng Finalist at Queen’s University Belfast, Kieran Paul Greene, has been awarded the Salters’ Graduate Prize 2007 by the Salters’ Institute. This National Prize is sponsored by the Salters’ Institute of Industrial Chemistry and is awarded every year to the graduate students most likely to succeed in industry. Candidates for the prize are selected for their intellectual capacity, initiative, ability for effective communication and collaboration, and a concern for the future of the chemical industry. “This award is a great credit to Kieran. Everyone in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering wishes him well in his future career” said Professor Burch, Head of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Kieran was presented with his prize in December 2007 at the Salters’ Institute, London.

Kieran graduated with a First Class Honours from the MEng Chemical Engineering (sandwich) course in July 2007. During his course he was appointed to a 12 month placement (2005-2006) with Proctor and Gamble where he was given top performance ratings which has culminated in him being offered a full time position with the company. He has a very wide range of interests from his sporting activities to being an ex-world champion in Irish Dance. He is a student member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and is very committed to working for a company which supports the industrial life of the UK.

Since his graduation he has Commenced full-time employment in August 2007 with Procter & Gamble. A summary of the company and his current assignment is given, briefly, below.

  • P&G is the World’s leading Consumer Packed Goods Company.
  • It boasts a portfolio of 23 Billion Dollar Brands.
  • The Company is divided into General Business Units. E.g. Fabric & Home Care, Beauty Care etc.
  • He works within the Fabric & Home Care Business, specifically within the Dry Laundry Section and within R&D.
  • His current assignment is Process Development for North American Dry Laundry Granules.
  • Role focuses on scale-up and optimisation of new detergents.Work closely with two plants in USA.
  • The Dry Laundry sector is one of P&G’s oldest and most profitable businesses.
  • P&G currently seeks to sustain this business in developed countries whilst simultaneously introducing new and innovative products into Low Income Markets.
  • P&G seeks to extend it’s portfolio through innovation and acquisition.
  • P&G’s most recent acquisition was that of Gillette in late 2005. This remains as the world’s largest acquisition.