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Ken Seddon Commemoration - Australian Journal of Chemistry Double Issue

To commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of Professor Kenneth R. Seddon, the Australian Journal of Chemistry have dedicated a special double issue to his memory.

Following Prof Seddon's life long dedication to the study and promotion of ionic liquids as a broad chemical platform, the special issues showcase a variety of papers on the behaviour and applications of ionic liquids, which can be found at the Journal's website. Ken was an active supporter of the Australian Journal of Chemistry, and was an Associate Editor of the Journal for 10 years.

Included in this selection is a foreword celebrating the life and work of Ken R. Seddon (Kenneth R. Seddon - A Rock Star of Ionic Liquids ) and a RACI feature article by Mega Kar, Natalia Plechkova, Kenneth Seddon, Jennifer Pringle and Douglas MacFarlane (Ionic Liquids – Further Progress on the Fundamental Issues).

The issue is free to read for 1 month.