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Our Careers

Careers in nursing and midwifery can be many and varied.  There's a new resource here on how careers might develop within Northern Ireland.  

Career as a nurse

For those considering a career in nursing but you would like to know more

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Career as a midwife

For those curious to discover what a midwifery career is all about

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Practice Placement Opportunities

We offer practice opportunities through our partners in the NHS and private sector across most specialisms of Nursing and Midwifery from community practice through to acute medical facilities.

Placements are either assessed as part of the curriculum or observational, providing an invaluable opportunity to be really immersed in real life aspects of the Nursing and Midwifery professions. Placements are tailored to the needs and interests of students new to these fields of study and for existing practitioners

Request A Transcript


Congratulations! You're a qualified nurse or midwife and embarking on a fabulous career

If you graduated since 1997 you can order one online. Students who graduated before 1997 will need to contact the NMC. The transcript will cost £40 and includes all of the details of your academic and clinical training. Alternatively, you can contact the Student Guidance Centre for a basic statement of your qualifications, which will cost £5.


International Collaborations

Student Guidance Centre

Advice and Guidance

Support in finding your career path

30 minute career consultations are available every day at the Student Guidance Centre

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Temporary tutors and assistants

The School will appoint from the register to provide short term specialised teaching and research assistance

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Simulated Patients

Members of the public required to act as patients and role-players for student examination and selection process

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