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 Our own Dr. Kevin Gormley took some time aside to discuss the importance of international educational links; 

The enrolment of increased numbers of International students to all of our programmes provides a unique and valued perspective of nursing practice to the School of Nursing and Midwifery. The opportunity for students from home and abroad to study and practice together in the clinical setting promotes perfect opportunities for sharing ideas about the nature of caring, clinical skill development and specific emerging services and strategies for identified client groups. The fullest integration of the school’s nursing and midwifery programmes towards a more global perspective has helped nurture increased levels of confidence and competence among all our students to deliver  effective evidence-based nursing care and knowing that their nursing response to patient need is appropriate and of value towards improving the well-being of patients and their careers.

The School has links with academic institutions and state organisations in many countries including Oman, Nigeria, Brunei, China, Saudi Arabia, USA, Finland, with whom we have students/staff exchange, articulation and scholarly collaborations with. We have particular expertise in developing curricula for specialist areas of nursing across the spectrum of Nursing and Midwifery from primary care through to development of Leadership and Management Skills.