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Trevor Agus - Adapting soundtracks automatically for listeners with hearing loss
- The psychoacoustics of singing in tune (or close enough)
- Perceptually motivated dynamic-range compression for adverse listening conditions
- Recognising sounds in noisy conditions
Sian Barber I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- British film history
- Film censorship
- Film controversy
- Audiences
Stefano Baschiera I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Italian cinema
- European Screen Industries
- Film and space
- New Wave cinema
- Film distribution
Piotr Blumczynski I welcome original and ambitious research proposals exploring the shared ground between translation and philosophy, logic, theology, linguistics, literature, ethnography, history, science, and other areas.
Sarah Bowskill I would be delighted to hear from students interested in pursuing doctoral research in the following areas:

Mexican literature and culture

Cultural production from/about the Mexico/US border

Latin American women's writing

The politics and aesthetics of cultural institutions as they relate to Latin America e.g film festivals, book fairs, publishing houses, galleries etc.

Latin American multimedia cultural production
Fran Brearton I am open to PhD applications in the fields of modern poetry, 20th century war writing, modern Irish literature, and modernist literature.
Zeynep Bulut Voice, Experimental Music, Sound and Media Art
Mark Burnett I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Global Shakespeare
- Early Modern Literature and Culture
- Shakespeare and Film
Garrett Carr I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Creative Non-Fiction
- Fiction
- Young Adult Fiction
Janice Carruthers I am open to PhD applications in the following fields:
- French Sociolinguistics and Variation
- The Structure of Spoken French
- Temporality (tense, connectives, frames)
- The Linguistic Structure of Oral Narrative
- Language Policy
Aislinn Clarke I am available as a second or co-supervisor.
John D'Arcy Practical research / creative projects in areas of sound art, performance, digital media, digital art, voice, immersive media and interdisciplinary practice.
Victoria Durrer I am open to PhD applications in the fields of sociology, arts, arts management and cultural policy with particular interest in:
- Policy design / delivery
- Inclusion and inequality in arts / cultural production and consumption
- Social processes of cultural production and participation
Alexander Fisher I am particularly interested in PhD applications in the following areas:
–Music in film
–African cinemas
–Cinema and diaspora
-Film and migration
-Cross-cultural approaches to film
Alison FitzGibbon Interested to co-supervise students in the following areas:
Arts Management (as both nonprofit and social enterprise)
Stakeholder management in cultural activity
Creative Industries Management
Cultural Labour and the role of the artist
Cultural Leadership
Events and Festivals
Children's/Youth Arts in policy
Leontia Flynn I am open to PhD applications in the fields of poetry and creative writing.
David Grant Applied Drama, Irish Theatre, Northern Ireland Theatre, Applied Puppetry, Post-Conflict Drama, Arts Evaluation
Sue-Ann Harding I am open to original and ambitious PhD proposals in the interdisciplinary fields of translation, social narrative theory, travelling theory, complexity theory, Russian area studies, literature, music, space and other related areas.
Moyra Haslett I welcome PhD applications in any aspect of literature in English written and published between 1680 and 1830, particularly: women’s writing, Jonathan Swift, Byron, Irish writing in English, and feminist approaches to literature and culture of this period.
Helen Haswell I am willing to co-supervise PhD projects in the following areas:
- Animation
- Popular Cinema
- Film Marketing
- Screen Industries
Piers Hellawell My record is in the training of composers: I therefore welcome applications from those wishing to develop a portfolio of works in acoustic media
Chen-En Ho I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Cognitive studies of translation and interpreting
- Translation and interpreting pedagogy
- Translation and interpreting industries
- Conference and community interpreting
- Professionalization of translators and interpreters
Anne Holloway Early Modern Spanish literature, particularly: Poetry (Peninsular Spain and Spanish America), Women's writing, Religious writing. The reception of the literature and culture of Spain's 'Golden Age'.
Tori Holmes I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Digital culture in Brazil and Latin America
- Representation of urban Brazil (particularly the favelas of Rio de Janeiro)
- Contemporary Brazilian audiovisual production (especially documentary)
- Urban violence in Brazil
- Brazilian/Latin American cultural studies
- Critical data studies
- Digital ethnography and digital humanities, broadly understood
Dominique Jeannerod Open to PhD applications in the fields of Film popular culture, media cultures, French and European Cinema, International Crime Fiction, French 20th and 21st Century literature.
- Popular Cinema
- French Thrillers
- Literary Celebrity
David Johnston I offer supervision across a wide range of areas relating to translation, interpretation and representation. If you would like more information or think you would to like to discuss a research proposal with me (which I advise you to do before formally submitting an application) I am more than happy to advise you on the development of a proposal.
Derek Johnston Gothic / horror, science fiction, fantasy in and across media and literature.
Representations of history in media and literature.
History of media, particularly in the UK.
Stephen Kelly Late medieval literature and culture
Fifteenth century religious and devotional literature and culture
Book history and digital textualities
Historiographical writing
Critical and cultural theory
Translation theory
Critical digital studies
Edel Lamb I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- early modern studies, particularly Shakespeare and Renaissance performance cultures
- age, childhood and gender in early modern literature and culture
- early modern literature (especially drama) and civil unrest, including protest, riot.
Geraldine Lawless Spanish literature, 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly looking at questions of periodization, modernity, science and futuristic fiction, women's writing.
Stefanie Lehner I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Contemporary Irish Literature and Culture, specifically Northern Irish fiction and drama since the 1998 Agreement
- Comparative studies in Post-conflict cultures, specifically in relation to issues of dealing with the past and reconciliation
- Comparative studies in trauma and memory studies with a focus on the contemporary Irish cultural context.
Leon Litvack I would welcome new PhD proposals in
- Dickens studies
- 19th-century British writers
- 19th-century Irish literature and culture
- 20th-century Irish literature
- Modern post-colonial fiction and theory
- 19th-century women's travel writing
- The literature of landscape
- Film and fiction
- TV adaptations of 18th-century/Victorian fiction
- 20th and 21st-century fiction and poetry
- Textual criticism
- Landscape literature
- The literature of place
Justin Livingstone I am open to PhD applications in the fields of Victorian literature and culture, and colonial and postcolonial studies. I particularly invite applications on:
- Imperial travel writing and the literature of exploration
- Nineteenth and twentieth-century colonial fiction
- The African novel in English
Tim Loane I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Writing for screen
- Writing for theatre
Jane Lugea I am open to PhD applications in the fields of…
- The language of literature
- (Cognitive) Stylistics
- (Critical) Discourse Analysis
- Translation Studies (of audiovisual/literary texts or from a linguistic perspective)
Marcas Mac Coinnigh I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Linguistics: formulaic language, multiword-fixed expressions in Irish
- Memory Studies: ideas of collective and cultural memory in linguistic landscapes
- Folkloristics: the narrative tradition and verbal arts.
Simon Mawhinney I am interested in supervising PhD projects that explore topics in composition, including:
Score-based composition
Computer-based composition (acousmatic works/works with live electronics)
Computer-assisted composition (OpenMusic)
James McAleavey I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Playwriting for stage and radio
- Screenwriting
Sarah McCleave I am open to PhD applications related to G.F. Handel, Thomas Moore, London theatre history (c.1725-1825), Music in Ireland (c. 1750-1850), 19th-century book trade
Gail McConnell I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Contemporary Poetry
- Modern Irish and British poetry
- Poetics
I supervise students undertaking both critical and creative projects in poetry.
Maeve McCusker I would be happy to supervise suitably qualified students in the general area of postcolonial writing and theory. I have experience supervising comparative projects (on French and English language writing for example) and on early colonial writings. I would also be happy to supervise students working on contemporary fiction and autobiography.
Philip McGowan I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- American Poetry, in particular Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop and the Middle Generation
- American Fiction (19th, 20th, 21st centuries)
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
- Transcendentalism
- Addiction and Literature
- Literature and Suicide
- Literature and Theology, Literature and Philosophy
Aoife McGrath I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Dance Studies
- Choreographic Practices and Processes
- Practice as Research
- Affect Studies in performance
- The Maternal in performance
- Movement practices and performance
- Interdisciplinary performance practices
- Collaborative performance practices
Cahal McLaughlin Prisons Memory Archive
Documentary Theory and Practice
Creative Practice
Irish cinema
Representation of Conflict, Trauma and Transitional Justice
Paul Murphy • Simulation-based education for healthcare and allied healthcare professions.
• Arts-based interventions for public health.
Alex Murray I would be interested in supervising PhD students in most areas of modern literary studies, particularly:
-Decadence and Aestheticism;
-Oscar Wilde;
-literature and place;
-the politics of literary form;
-literary theory.
Please contact me if you would like to discuss prospective projects.
Micheal O Mainnin onomastics; dialectology; language and identity in Ireland and Scotland; language and conflict; early modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic language and literature
Desmond O'Rawe I am currently open to new PhD applications in the following areas:
- Cinema and the Visual Arts
- Political Cinema
- Documentary Film Studies

Ricki O'Rawe I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Argentine Literature and Art
- The Fantastic in Literature/Art/Film
- Hispanic Surrealism and Avant Garde Movements
- Religion and Spirituality in Hispanic Art and Literature
- Questions of Self and Subjectivity in Latin American Literature and Art
- Political Aesthetics in Hispanic Literature and Art
Miguel Ortiz I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Digital Instrument Design and Performance Practice
- Technology Mediated Composition
Richard O'Sullivan I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
Experimental film and video practice
Landscape and film

Glenn Patterson I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Creative Writing Prose
Andrew Pepper Global crime fiction
Contemporary US fiction
US crime fiction
Contemporary fiction and violence
Suspense, spy, thriller, espionage fiction
Mark Phelan Irish Theatre;
Theatre and conflict;
Post-conflict theatre and performance in Northern Ireland;
Greek Tragedy and Performance;
Theatre History/Historiography
Michael Pierse I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Twentieth and twenty-first century Irish writing (mainly drama and fiction)
- British and Irish working-class writing
- Community Theatre
- Diaspora and migrant writing
- Race/ethnicity in contemporary Irish theatre
Joan Rahilly Phonetics; Phonology; Clinical phonetics and linguistics; Irish English; Literacy
Pedro Rebelo I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Sound art
- Socially engaged arts
- Context-focused Composition and performance
- Multimodal food experience
Shaun Regan I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Eighteenth-century literature (1660-1820)
- Prose fiction: Behn to Austen
- Laurence Sterne
- Literature of slavery and abolition, 1660-1840
- Contemporary historical fiction
Marc Richards I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Syntax and/or morphology (theoretical, comparative)
- Cross-linguistic variation and its formal modelling
- Diachronic linguistics and language change
- Language acquisition (first or second, particularly the acquisition of grammatical knowledge)
David Robb I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Politics in music and song (all genres/ national/ international/ contemporary / historical)
- Folk Song and Tradition
- Cabaret and Music Theatre
Daniel Roberts I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Eighteenth-century Periodicals
- Literature and empire
- Indian Literature in English
- The Lake Writers
- Ireland and Empire
Matthew Rodger Open to PhD applications in: auditory perception in relation to coordination / mobility (including in people with visual impairments or Parkinson’s disease); auditory augmented feedback in skill acquisition / rehabilitation; skill acquisition in music, particularly in musical improvisation
Neil Sadler I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Arabic-English translation
- Translation in the Arab world
- Media and journalistic translation
- Citizen media
- Narrative approaches
- Non-professional translation
- Digital culture
- Activist translation
Gabriel Sanchez Espinosa -Spanish 18th-century Literature and Culture
-Spanish Enlightenment
-Spanish Book History
Ian Sansom I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
Creative Writing Prose (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
20th and 21st century Fiction
Literature of the 1930s
Literature and Ethics
Literary Criticism
Narrative Theory
Digital Cultures
Cultural Theory
Crime Fiction
Genre Fiction
Short Stories
The Novel
Richard Schoch Shakespeare in performance, theatre history and historiography, 19th-century drama and theatre
Franziska Schroeder I am open to PhD applications in any field that has music /music performance and improvisation at its focus. I am particularly interested in research that reaches beyond music and draws on other areas of research. Current interest includes designing musical environments in VR and working with disabled musicians.
Stephen Sexton I am open to PhD projects in the field of Creative Writing: Poetry.
Rosalind Silvester I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Francophone-Chinese Studies
- Intermediality
- Contemporary literature, including women’s writing
- Migration / Mobility Studies
- Sartrean Studies
Paul Stapleton Critical Improvisation Studies, New Musical Instrument Design, Music Performance, Sound Design, Sound Art
Simon Statham I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Critical Discourse Analysis
- Language of Crime
- Language in the Media
- Language and the Law
- Language and Literature
Sinead Sturgeon I welcome PhD applications in the field of nineteenth-century Irish writing in English, particularly: Gothic literature, Irish Romanticism, James Clarence Mangan, and the development of the short story.
Caroline Sumpter I am open to PhD applications in the fields of
- Victorian Literature, Culture and Politics (including the 1890s)
- Literature and Science
- Literature and Ethics
- Periodical Culture
- Nineteenth-Century Fantasy, including Science Fiction and Fairy Tale
Kurt Taroff I am very happy to work with students on PhD and research projects in areas such as: Monodrama, Symbolist Theatre, Expressionism, Adaptation and Translation, American Drama, the Fin-de-Siecle Avant Garde in Europe, Political Theatre, and Commemoration and Community Theatre, among other areas.
Maria Tavares I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Postcolonial literatures and film from Portuguese-speaking Africa
- Comparative Studies
- Gender Studies
- Biography
- Representations of Heroism
Allen Thurston I would be interested in supervising students working in the area of cooperative learning, peer tutoring and improving literacy for students aged 3-18 years old.
Yo Tomita * On J. S. Bach's notational habits and performance implications
* Reception history of Bach's works in the long 19th century
Gregory Toner Prof. Toner undertakes supervision in any area of medieval Irish language and literature, particularly, textual editing, lexicography, and narrative analysis.
Margaret Topping Modern French/francophone literary and visual cultures; travel, tourism and mobility; the ethics of representation and display; museology and curation; festivalisation; urban art and culture; Orientalism and exoticism
Isabel Torres I welcome doctoral and post-doctoral applications from suitably-qualified candidates across the broad spectrum of early modern Spanish literature and culture. I have also supervised the critical component of creative writing (poetry) theses. The following fields are, therefore, indicative only:
Early Modern Spanish poetry and poetics
Theories and practice of the lyric
Golden Age 'comedia'
Legacy and reception of the Classics in the Spanish Renaissance (and beyond)
Cervantine Studies
Comparative Literary Studies
Anna Tristram I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- French sociolinguistics
- Variation and change (in any language)
- Sociohistorical linguistics
- Language attitudes
- Language and gender
- Prescriptivism and standard languages
Wil Verhoeven I welcome PhD inquiries and proposals in the following subject areas:

The Politics of Progress: Revolution and Enlightenment, 1650-1800
Transatlantic studies, 1600-1900
British and American culture, literature and history, 1600-1900
History of the book and textual cultures
American studies
Historical biography
Cultural theory
Digital humanities
Steven Wilson French Studies Medical Humanities

French literature (19th century to the present) and illness, disease, pain

French Thanatology

Literary representations of medical practice, care and experience

Literature and religion, especially in the 19th century

Ramona Wray I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Early Modern Women’s Writing
- Shakespeare
- Adaptation
- Memory Studies

PhD and MRes Opportunities at Queen’s

We are delighted to announce a number of PhD and MRes (Masters by Research) funded opportunities at Queen’s University Belfast in the areas of Musicology, Composition and Sonic Arts.

Rated a 4* research environment in the Research Excellence Framework (2014), postgraduate research ranges from practice-based work to scholarly, historical and highly interdisciplinary collaboration with disciplines such as Electrical Engineering, Psychology and Anthropology. Based in the School of Arts, English and Languages, the postgraduate community has access to a breath of supervision expertise and world class facilities including the Music Building the Sonic Arts Research Centre and Queen’s Graduate School.  You are encouraged to contact potential supervisors prior to application. 

MRes candidates applying through the portal will be eligible for three £3000 bursaries. Candidates have to demonstrate that they have met any condition attached to their offer (either through uploading full transcripts or official documentation regarding any other condition required) by 15th July 2019.

Information on funding schemes for PhD including international studentships are now open to applications and can be found here. Please note the deadline of 28th February 2019 for International Studentships. All applications are made through Queen’s University Belfast direct application portal.

The following projects are strategic interdisciplinary areas of interest. 

PhD title: Virtual-Acoustic Plate Instrument Design
Supervisors: Dr Maarten van Walstijn, Professor Paul Stapleton, Dr Matthew Rodger

Project Description: A virtual-acoustic approach to digital musical instrument (DMI) design aims for acoustic sounding output and providing a natural alignment between control parameters and performer actions. 

Physical modelling is a good match for this purpose in terms of designing the sound synthesis algorithm. This project is focused on the design of a novel virtual-acoustic plate instrument that is highly configurable through adjusting parameters of both the model and the interface, as such allowing precise control of the instrument affordances. The instrument is intended as a tool for both music performance and experimental investigation into how musicians learn and discover new techniques on computer-based instruments; in addition, its development will also inform ongoing research that aims to improve the interactive audio aspects of virtual and augmented reality applications. 

The primary challenges that the project aims to address are (1) the development and real-time implementation of a finite-difference plate model that affords local damping control, (2) the design of a configurable mapping of high-resolution touch-sensitive screen data to the plate model grid, and (3) the evaluation of the instrument through the use in the professional practice of musicians as well as through psychology-based experiments. The student will work closely with the supervisory team who have specialist knowledge in audio engineering, interaction design, and ecological psychology as well as with expert musicians in the testing and experimentation phases of the research.

Candiate Profile: The candidate needs to have an engineering/science background that includes experience in computer programming, as well as an appreciation of the unique demands of music performance. Knowledge of acoustics and signal processing as well as previous experience in experimental psychology and in interdisciplinary research projects are highly desirable but not necessary.


PhD title: Interactive Virtual-Acoustic Spaces
Supervisors: Dr M van Walstijn, Professor P Rebelo

Project Description: Augmented reality is about imposing a designed reality upon an existing one. In an acoustic sense, this can be considered as sustaining the aural impression of being in a different space than one is physically located in, which is relevant to the improvement of virtual and augmented reality experiences currently in development for application in various fields, including music, film, museums, medicine, and architecture. The sense of sonic immersion is greatly enhanced if a virtual-acoustic space is interactive, i.e. capable of live convolution of live sound sources with realistic room responses, and the potential for social interaction is greatly enlarged if the use headphones and other worn technology can be avoided.

Realising such an augmented acoustic scenarios requires an array of microphones to capture sound sources and multi-channel spatial projection with loudspeakers to impose the virtual acoustics. However, any such setup poses severe feedback issues as well as questions about which room response features need to be faithfully reproduced. This project aims to address these challenges by investigating (1) microphone beamforming techniques to focus the array away from the loudspeakers and onto the sound sources, (2) calibration and signal processing methods to identify and attenuate frequency bands with a high loop-gain and (3) perceptual tests to inform effective use of room response modification and ambisonic panning methods. Apart from formal testing procedures, the techniques will be evaluated along practical criteria in creative settings (installations, concerts, workshops) on offer through related SARC-based research projects. The project aims to establish a methodology for creating augmented and hybrid spaces in which acoustic environment design can contribute to immersive experiences. 

Candidate Profile: The successful applicant should have or expect to achieve at least a 2.1 honours or equivalent for undergraduate degree in engineering, physics, maths, music technology, or a related discipline.  They will demonstrate strong interest and self-motivation in the subject, good computational skills, ability to think analytically and creatively. Knoweldge of acoustics, signal processing, studio recording/mixing, and music related software and programming as well as previous research experience in contributing to a collaborative interdisciplinary research environment are highly desirable.


PhD title: Digital Performance and Social Inclusion

Supervisors: Dr Franziska Schroeder, Dr Miguel Ortiz

Project Description: The candidate will expand research work currently undertaken in the “Performance Without Barriers” research group: . This group dedicates itself to the design of enabling technologies promoting: 

- Social inclusion through creative performance practice

- Accessible and enabling technologies

- Challenging dominant assumptions or exclusive identities

We are looking for candidates with a strong background in interface design, immersive technologies, digital performance, critical theory and / or improvisation studies.

The PhD research could be in designing new interfaces, but also in critically reflecting on all aspects of designing for and with people with different abilities. We are particularly keen to extend the research into the area of immersive, VR/AR technologies. A large part of our methodology stems from frameworks coming from improvisation studies; thus, the candidate might have a solid background in that discipline.

Candidate Profile: The successful applicant should have or expect to achieve at least a 2.1 honours or equivalent for undergraduate degree in interface design, disability studies, engineering, music technology, or a related discipline. The suitable candidate might be experienced in either interface design, VR/AR design, digital performance, improvisation studies and/or critical theory.

They will demonstrate strong interest and self-motivation in the subject, with good electronic and design skills; they will have an ability to think analytically and creatively. Knowledge of music technology, interface design, and music related software and programming as well as an interest in disability studies and music improvisation, with some previous research experience in contributing to a collaborative interdisciplinary research environment are highly desirable.


MRes title: Bow Controller Design for Digital Musical Instruments
Supervisors: Maarten van Walstijn, Paul Stapleton, Miguel Ortiz

Project Description: The focus of this project is to design and prototype a novel musical instrument bow sensing system. The primary aims are to leverage the technical abilities of string instrumentalists in the design and performance of digital musical instruments (DMIs), as well as to broaden the explorative possibilities of virtual-acoustic instruments. To achieve these goals a review of relevant literature and bow sensing systems will be conducted, followed by an iterative cycle of physical sketching, prototyping, testing and experimentation leading to refinement and validation. The student will work closely with the supervisory team who have specialist knowledge in audio engineering, interaction design and musical performance, as well as with expert musicians in the testing and experimentation phases of the research.

Candidate Profile: The candidate needs sufficient experience in the area of physical computing, as well as appreciation of the unique demands of music performance.