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Postgraduate Research


A number of major research projects (including Doctoral and Postdoctoral posts in Language and Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Modern Literary Studies and Renaissance Literature) have been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Poetry and Irish writing remain at the core of the School's research expertise.  Prospective PhD students are encouraged to contact a relevant member of staff to discuss their proposed research proposal.  

English offers programmes which map broadly onto the following research areas:

  • Broadcast Literacy
  • Contemporary American Literature and Culture
  • Creative Writing
  • English: Speech and Language
  • Irish Literature
  • Medieval Studies
  • Modern Literary Studies
  • Poetry
  • Renaissance Studies

"From my first week at Queen's, I felt integrated and a part of the School.  The weekly research seminars are a chance to meet friends, network and listen to some of the research going on.  It was this sense of camaraderies and support which helped me decide to continue with my studies and pursue a docorate at Queen's.  My PhD is in Irish Literature and there is a dynamic research environment here, with leading academics in the field.  The other research students are the hidden gem of the department.  Whether you need advice, a gossip, or a good moan, the friendship of the postgraduate students is invaluable." Cat McGurren, PhD 2014 'Representations of Prostitution in Modern Irish Culture'

"Throughout my MA, I found myself forced to consider new texts and concepts and to reconsider those that I had previously encountered.  When it came to the PhD I know my own research would benefit from the same approach." Matthew Reznicek, PhD 2014, 'Money and the European Metropolis: The Novels of Owenson, Edgeworth, Sommerville & Ross and Kate O'Brien'


Contact a relevant member of staff

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