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The ZEAL (Zimbabwe Eyecare And Learning) study is working with collaborators who direct Zimbabwe’s national vision screening programme to find solutions to challenges associated with long sightedness (hyperopia) in school children.

ZEAL stands for Zimbabwe Eyecare and Learning. ZEAL is gathering data on the prevalence of long-sightedness among schoolchildren in Zimbabwe, while also examining the ability of novel, low-cost tools to help find these children. ZEAL will also examine the links between long-sightedness and children’s current performance in reading and maths. Long-sighted children will be compared to classmates without vision problems.

The 18-month study is expected to gain significant attention from academic journals and have real-world impact on education policy in Zimbabwe and around the world.

You can download the ZEAL Brochure and the ENGINE Slide Deck and read about the Project in detail. 

Trial registration number: NCT05538182 at