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Down County Museum's Ulster-Australian Project

In 1993 Down County Museum embarked upon a research project which sought to discover and develop links between Ulster and Australia. The museum itself is located in the restored buildings of the eighteenth century Downpatrick gaol from whence, between 1796 and 1832, convicts were transported to Australia.

The Museum compiled a database containing details of some of these convicts. CDDA assisted in the reformatting of this material, its importation into the relational database management system Access, and customisation of the database for use by Museum staff in research.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)

National Council for Voluntary Organisations - NCVO


The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) is the umbrella body for the voluntary and community sectorin England. NCVO works to support the voluntary and community sector and to create an environment in which an independent civil society can flourish. NCVO has a membership of over 10,000 voluntary organisations. These range from large national bodies to community groups, volunteer centres, and development agencies working at a local level.


"CDDA have provided a first-class service for us for five years, turning charity account PDFs into useful data, which we use to produce up-to-date statistics on the UK's voluntary sector. CDDA's dedication and attention to detail have been a real asset to our project."

David Kane
Senior Research Officer, NCVO

Richard Brome Online

Richard Brome Online


The original text, by which we mean either the original quarto or octavo text of each individually edited Brome play, has been provided to give users a point of comparison with the modern edited text. The original texts can be viewed in isolation, or next to the modern text. The original text provided is not a photo-facsimile (the expense of obtaining copyright clearance eliminated this option), however interested users can access images of the original via Early English Books Online (EEBO), if required.
The original texts presented are instead in the form of a transcription, which aims to be as accurate as is possible, given the technical and visual differences between Early Modern and 21st-century typography. Each text was scanned (from Pearson’s 1873 edition of Brome’s plays) using optical character recognition and basic TEI markup applied by the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis, Queen's University Belfast; this text was proofread by its respective editor against a chosen copy (base or master) text and further extant copies, initially those copies located on EEBO, but also those extant texts visited in person in various research libraries.

Welsh historical statistics

We received funding from the History Data Service to create a machine-readable version of A Digest of Welsh Historical Statistics by John Williams. The two volume work extends to almost two thousand pages. The machine-readable version has been deposited with HDS for dissemination.