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Northern Ireland Cancer Registry

N. Ireland Cancer Registry


Research FAQs

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  • Is the information confidential?

    Protecting patient identification to ensure that confidentiality is maintained is essential. Only a limited number of staff in the Registry have access to identifiable data – and only to ensure data quality or investigate specific incidents.

    Usually data analysis is performed on data where the identifiers (name and address) have been removed. 

  • How is the quality of data assessed in N. Ireland?

    The N. Ireland Cancer Registry provides data quality indicators (performance indicators) to the United Kingdom and Ireland Association of Cancer Registries annually on timeliness, quality and completeness of data. To download performance indicators for Northern Ireland 2017, please click here (pdf). 

    To view the United Kingdom and Ireland Association of Cancer Registries Performance Report 2019 click here (pdf).

    In addition, the Registry has compared its database with information held by General Practitioners on Cancer Patients.  This showed a high level of registry accuracy. To view the paper click here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions