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The use of human patient simulation as a teaching resource continues to grow rapidly.

Our simulation suite is designed as a typical hospital side ward, where our Nursing students gain experience in caring for the acutely ill patient using the Human Patient Simulators (Siman & Simbaby). The Simulators represent advanced technology, designed to mimic a "real patient" and add authenticity to clinical scenarios.


Multipurpose Simulation Suites

There are two multipurpose simulation suites sited within the Clinical Education Centre. The simulator is operated via a computer by a member of teaching staff  who controls the physiological parameters of the simulator as well as interacting with the student as the "patient" via an intercom. The system allows the lecturer to role play a scenario and act in response to the students' actions; this takes place behind a one way mirror allowing the teaching team to observe and monitor the students´ response to specific scenarios. All our nursing and midwifery students evaluate this teaching methodology very positively. The teaching team that initiated the first sim teaching were the recipients of a QUB Teaching Award in 2007

The Centre also facilitates a number of Inter-professional educations (IPE), workshops where medical, nursing and midwifery students learn side by side. The IPE workshops have been a mandatory part of the medical and nursing curricula since 2004. During this period the staff involved in the IPE workshops received a QUB Teaching Award and the workshops have been presented at both national and international conferences as part of the Centre for Excellence in IPE (CEIPE). 


Midwifery Simulation Suite

A key element throughout the Midwifery curriculum is the development of practical clinical skills.  Whilst a significant part of this is developed when you are placed in hospital and community settings, we also offer important elements of hands on learning within the University through the use of simulation. 

From an innovative perspective, Queen’s University Belfast offers midwifery students opportunities for simulation. We have ‘Noelle’ who is a fully simulated female mannequin that will carry out a number of functions and behaviours. She can be used for birth procedures and also for management of a variety of more complex scenarios.  We also provide all our midwifery students, on an annual basis, an opportunity to participate in emergency obstetric training.  This is a participatory day where junior midwifery students undertake the role of mother or partner during an emergency and more senior students take the role of junior and senior midwives who carry out procedures to manage the emergencies.  These learning days are very positively evaluated by students for increasing feelings of confidence and team working.  As a final year midwifery student, you will have an opportunity to teach fourth year medical students about normal birth to help them to prepare for their own obstetric clinical placement.  This is a practical, hands on learning experience providing a great opportunity for inter- professional learning.