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Norfadzilah Ahmad


  • Diploma in Nursing, University of Science Malaysia 1997-2000
  • Bachelor in Nursing, University Malaysia Sarawak 2002-2004
  • Master of Science (Medical Education), University of Science Malaysia 2008-2010

Country of Origin: Terengganu, Malaysia

Research Title: Faculty Members' Perception on Preparation and Implementation of High Fidelity Simulation (HFS) Teaching in Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum in Malaysia

Description of project:

The utilization of simulation as a teaching and learning strategy in nursing education is not a new concept. It is estimated that approximately 300 million people around the world have been trained on simulator products and are being trained to be a simulator instructor to meet their educational needs (Laerdal Malaysia SdnBhd, 2013). A research project from Davies & Alinier (2011) reported that the number of simulation facilities, programmes and research projects recently have increased from South East Asia. This research study is significant because the members of the faculty are relying heavily on HFS as a tool to improve the proficiency of students in clinical competence. However, teaching with simulation requires a new skill set that many faculty members do not currently have. Some of them, especially the novice user or advance beginner may experiment with new instructional methods from time to time. Literature pertaining to this research area is limited with few papers examining how faculties are prepared to use simulation and whether the preparation programmes follow the principles of best practice in education. Through exploring and analysing qualitative research about the perception on preparation and implementation of HFS, we can better contextualize and seek understand the current faculty's practice related to HFS.

Experience of studying at QUB

Studying in the School of Nursing, Queens is an intellectual excitement atmosphere supported by excellent facilities and access to some of UK’s best libraries and online resources. It also has the prestige and standing in research and development, and the strong collaboration links with world-class clinical and research institutions. It has allowed me to benefit from the many seminars and education conferences as an additional training program. I can felt the diversity is valued, multiculturalism is celebrated, and the integrity of the individual is respected. I do also enjoying socialising with both the international and local students in the University and discovering Northern Ireland, which has a lot of events, festivals and exhibitions throughout the year.