Editorial Roles



Our staff are editors and associate editors of  the following health & healthcare journals:

  • Prof Fiona Alderdice; BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (Associate Editor)
  • Dr Breidge Boyle; Journal of Neonatal Nursing (Co-Editor In Chief)
  • Prof Michael Brown; Learning Disability Practice (Editor)
  • Dr Susan Clarke; Bone & Joint Research (Specialty Editor)
  • Prof Maria Lohan; BMC Public Health (Associate Editor)
  • Ms Daphne Martin (Associate Editor) & Dr Karen McCutcheon (Editor in Chief)
  • Dr Helen Noble; Evidence Based Nursing, BMC Nephrology (Associate Editor)
  • Prof David Thompson; European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing (Co- editor)
  • Prof Donna Fitzsimons; British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing (Associate Editor)
  • Prof Fiona Alderdice; Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology (Editor in Chief)


Recently our staff have edited special issues of:

  • Dr Susan Clarke; Marine Drugs, “Marine Organisms for Bone Regeneration”
  • Prof Donna Fitzsimons & Dr Chantal Ski; European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, “How does patent ethnicity influence cardiac care?”
  • Dr Clare Hughes, Ms Daphne Martin & Dr Katherine Rogers; The Journal of Perioperative Practice


Upcoming special issues edited by our staff are: 

  • Dr Mark Linden; Disability and Rehabilitation; “Long-term outcomes for children with traumatic brain injury”


Our staff are also on the editorial boards of the following journals:

  • Dr Breidge Boyle; Journal of Neonatal Nursing
  • Prof Michael Brown; British Journal of Learning Disabilities
  • Ms Sonya Clarke; Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing
  • Dr Clare Hughes & Mr Laurence Leonard; The Journal of Perioperative Practice
  • Prof Maria Lohan; International Journal of Men’s Social and Community Health
  • Dr Mark Linden; Disability and Rehabilitation
  • Ms Daphne Martin; British Journal of Healthcare Management
  • Dr Gary Mitchell; Journal of Advanced Nursing, Nursing Standard Evidence and Practice, Nursing and Residential Care
  • Dr Helen Noble; Journal of Renal Care
  • Dr Jenny McNeill; MIDIRS Midwifery Digest
  • Dr Katherine Rogers; Physiology News
  • Dr Chantal Ski; Heart and Mind
  • Prof David Thompson; Heart & Lung; BMC Nursing; British Journal of Cardiac Nursing


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