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Dimitrios Lamprou

Dimitrios joined the School of Pharmacy in May 2018 as Reader in Pharmaceutical Engineering. He is originally from Greece, and has been trained in multi-disciplinary areas and in first class laboratories in Greece, UK and USA.

Dimitrios research and academic leadership has been recognised in a range of awards including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Science Award (2017). Dimitrios research involves both the study of material characteristics as well as the application of such knowledge to the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical products including the implementation of concepts such as Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

The current Group Research Interests are divided in 3 areas: Drug Delivery & Pharmaceutical Product Development (e.g. Liposomes, Microfluidics), Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process (e.g. 3D Printing, Electrospinning), and Surface & Nanoanalysis (e.g. AFM, ToF-SIMS). It's not only about working hard but also having fun, therefore the group is organizing team building events, exercises, fun activities, and social events (e.g. international lunch, visits to countryside and visits to historical places).