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“Participatory Research with Children” Masterclass by Dr Harry Shier

October 4, 2021
Online - Youtube
13:00 - 16:30

Dr Harry Shier worked in England for many years in children’s play, then in children’s rights and participation. In the 1990s, he developed the “Article 31 Children’s Consultancy Scheme”, which enables children to act as consultants to the management of cultural institutions; an experience crystallised in his 2001 paper “Pathways to Participation”, which introduced a tool for analysing children’s participation now widely used throughout the world. In 2001 he moved to Nicaragua in Central America to work with local community education organisation CESESMA, supporting child workers on coffee plantations in claiming and defending their rights. In 2016 he was awarded a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast to study Nicaraguan children’s perceptions of human rights in school.

Dr Shier is currently a researcher on the COVISION project at University College Dublin and has facilitated The COVISION Project August Webinar, focused on "Participatory Research with Children" to target early career researchers. This webinar is led by the COVISION Project team at UCD School of Nursing Midwifery and Health Sytems, in collaboration with UCD Child Centre and Children's Research Network Ireland and Northern Ireland (CRNINI).

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