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Welcoming the launch of the Northern Ireland Rare Diseases Action Plan 2022/23

This action plan sets out 14 key Actions for development during 2022/23.  Many of these actions have been driven and / or informed by multidisciplinary research conducted directly in partnership with local rare disease communities.

NI rare disease action plan image of front page

We are delighted that this action plan encompasses so many of the elements prioritised at our May 2020 workshop, which was funded by the ESRC

Workshop report - prioritizing recommendations, May 2020 with the link to the actual report: Workshop report, May 2020 for prioritizing recommendations

ESRC impact acceleration award

Doh-ni-rare-diseases-action-plan-2223.pdf (

Image showing a workflow proposing an expert centre for rare disease in 2020

Prof McKnight says, "Building on the successes from our 2015-2020 rare disease implementation plan, I am delighted to have contributed to developing this NI action plan and look forward to helping deliver many of the actions that are so critically needed by our local rare disease community."


Photo: AJ McKnight
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