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Dear delegate,

A warm welcome to our inaugural KN Cheung and SK Chin InterSim conference 2023. We are delighted that you have chosen to take time out of your busy schedule to attend our conference. As educators, we strive to develop competent and compassionate health and social care professionals to provide the highest standards of care. Simulation plays a vital role in helping to develop the necessary skills to provide excellence in 21st century healthcare and social care. Through the constructed realities of simulation-based education, we offer important learning opportunities that transform learners to be best prepared for practice. 

Today, we will have the opportunity to gain insights into the rich and diverse range of simulation practices that are occurring locally and beyond. Given the complexities of modern health and social care – never more than ever do we need to nurture and support collaborative practice. Therefore, this year we have chosen the conference theme of “Getting Better, Together: Interprofessional Education in Simulation’’.

The KN Cheung and SK Chin InterSim simulation centre has been operational since August 2022, with its official opening just last week on the 30th May. Our centre strives to promote excellence in the education of healthcare professionals through an inter-professional simulation-based approach that drives safe, effective and collaborative care now and in the future. We hope you get a chance to explore InterSim during the conference.

My rule of thumb for conferences is threefold; ‘meet at least one new person’, ‘develop at least one new skill’ and ‘create at least a new idea for a project’. We hope you achieve this goal. Most importantly we hope you enjoy the day. Please don’t hesitate in contacting one of the team if you have any issues or questions. Importantly if you have any accessibility requirements – please do let us know.

We hope you enjoy the conference.

          GerryGormley Signature

Gerry Gormley (Interim Director of InterSim) and on behalf of the conference organisation team