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How to Interpret a COMFORT O Score

COMFORT O Score Interpretation & Titration Guides

Now that you have a COMFORT O score you need to know what it means and what to do about it.


Each of the sedation titration guides you see listed below will help you to interpret the results of an assessment of sedation using the COMFORT Original assessment tool. 


The titration guides are designed to aid clinicians to identify how appropriately sedated a patient is, and if any changes are required to optimise their sedation and/or pain management. We ask the clinician to refer to the guide to identify if the patient is optimally sedated, over sedated or under sedated. If the patient's COMFORT Score is too high the titration guide advocates the clinician assess a pain score to identify if the high score relates to a pain or sedation issue.


In each version of the titration guide the COMFORT Score colour coded zones remain constant. The changable section is the pain assessment tool used to indicate if a high COMFORT Score relates to a pain or sedation issue.


We have developed a number of titration guides to accommodate the commonly used pain assessment tools. If your unit uses a pain assessment tool not on the list below we are happy to customise the titration guide. Please contact the Implemetation Manager for assistance in developing a customised titration guide.

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