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Physical Vapour Deposition

The QAMEC facilites have total of five PVD systems: 1 evaporation system used purely for non energetic Al depsoition and 4 sputtering systems.  The systems take a 150mm diameter target material and can accommodate substrate sizes from 50mm to 150mm.

Targets available for sputtering : Tungsten (W), Titanium (Ti), Tantalum (Ta), Copper (Cu), Nickle (Ni), Silicon (Si), Gold (Au), Aluminium (Al/AlSi)


Chemical Vapour Deposition

The QAMEC facilites boast one of the only CVD tungsten reactors that is available for research. This has resulted in some truely international collaborations and contract work. Ranging from developing a conformal refill process for a large multinational industrial partner to selective deposition of tungsten using the Si/WF6 self-limiting reaction in order to produce a highly conformal anti-wear coating on MEMS devices.


The same reactor also allows the deposition of CVD tungsten silicide (WSi2) using WF6/SiH4 chemistry. Over the years we have found a great number of applications for WSi2 which take advantage of it's excellent thermal stability and low sheet resistance.