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N. Ireland Cancer Registry


Ciaran O’Neill, David W. Donnelly, Mark Harbinson, Therese Kearney, Colin R. Fox, Gerard Walls & Anna Gavin, Survival of cancer patients with pre-existing heart disease, Published BMC Cancer Aug 2022 , DOI: 10.1186/s12885-022-09944-z, Implications of Research

Marzieh Araghi, Miranda Fidler-Benaoudia, Melina Arnold, Mark Rutherford, Aude Bardot, Jacques Ferlay, Oliver Bucher, Prithwish De, Gerda Engholm, Anna Gavin, Serena Kozie, Alana Little, Bjørn Møller, Nathalie St Jacques, Hanna Tervonen, Paul Walsh, Ryan Woods, Dianne L O'Connell, David Baldwin, Mark Elwood, Sabine Siesling, Freddie Bray, Isabelle Soerjomataram, International differences in lung cancer survival by sex, histological type and stage at diagnosis; an ICBP SURVMARK-2 Study, Published Thorax March 2022, DOI: 10.1136/thoraxjnl-2020-216555, Implications of Research.

Sean McPhail, Ruth Swann,* Shane A Johnson,* Matthew E Barclay,* Hazem Abd Elkader, Riaz Alvi, Andriana Barisic, Oliver Bucher, Gavin RC Clark, Nicola Creighton, Bolette Danckert, Cheryl A Denny, David W Donnelly, Jeff J Dowden, Norah Finn, Colin R Fox, Sharon Fung, Prof Anna T Gavin, Elba Gomez Navas, Steven Habbous, Jihee Han, Dyfed W Huws,Christopher GCA Jackson, Henry Jensen,  Bethany Kaposhi, S Eshwar Kumar, Alana L Little, Shuang Lu, Carol A McClure, Bjørn Møller, Grace Musto, Yngvar Nilssen, Nathalie Saint-Jacques, Sabuj Sarker, Luc te Marvelde, Rebecca S Thomas, Prof Robert JS Thomas, Catherine S Thomson, Ryan R Woods, Bin Zhang, Georgios Lyratzopoulos, ICBP Module 9 Emergency Presentations Working Group, Risk factors and prognostic implications of diagnosis of cancer within 30 days after an emergency hospital admission (emergency presentation): An International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership (ICBP) population-based study, Published: April 2022 The Lancet Oncology. DOI: 10.1016/S1470-2045(22)00127-9, Implications of Research.

The ICBP Module 4 Working Group, The ICBP Module 4 Working Group, ICBP Module 4 Academic Reference Group, Vedsted, P., Weller, D., Zalounina Falborg, A., Jensen, H., Kalsi, J., Brewster, D. H., Lin, Y., Gavin, A., Barisic, A., Grunfeld, E., Lambe, M., Malmberg, M., Turner, D., Harland, E., Hawryluk, B., Law, R-J., Neal, R. D. Diagnostic pathways for breast cancer in 10 International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership (ICBP) jurisdictions: an international comparative cohort study based on questionnaire and registry data, Published Dec 2022,, Implications of Research.

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Cabasag, C. J., Arnold, M., Rutherford, M., Ferlay, J., Bardot, A., Morgan, E., Butler, J., O'Connell, D. L., Nelson, G., Høgdall, C., Schnack, T., Gavin, A., Elwood, M., Hanna, L., Gourley, C., De, P., Saint‚ÄźJacques, N., Mørch, L. S., Woods, R. R., Altman, A. D, Shifting incidence and survival of epithelial ovarian cancer (1995-2014): a SurvMark-2 study, Published International Journal of Cancer Dec 2022,, Implications of Research.

Botta L, Gatta G, Didonè F, Lopez Cortes A, Pritchard-Jones K; BENCHISTA Project Working Group, International benchmarking of childhood cancer survival by stage at diagnosis: The BENCHISTA project protocol, Published eCollection 2022 November 2022. Implications of Research. 


Peer reviewed publications
Peer reviewed publications