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Northern Ireland Cancer Registry

N. Ireland Cancer Registry


David W. Donnelly, Conan Donnelly, Therese Kearney, David Weller, Linda Sharp, Amy Downing, Sarah Wilding, Penny Wright, Paul Kind, James W.F. Catto, William R. Cross, Malcolm D. Mason, Eilis McCaughan, Richard Wagland, Eila Watson, Rebecca Mottram, Majorie Allen, Hugh Butcher, Luke Hounsome, Peter Selby , Dyfed Huws, David H. Brewster, Emma McNair, Carol Rivas, Johana Nayoan, Mike Horton, Lauren Matheson, Adam W. Glaser,  Anna Gavin. Urinary, bowel and sexual health in older men from Northern Ireland. British Journal of Urology International. Feb 2018. Implications of Research for Services

David W. Donnelly Therese Kearney Eilis McCaughan Amy Downing David Weller Adam W. Glaser Anna Gavin. Treatment for erectile dysfunction among older men in Northern Ireland. International Journal of Clinical Practice Sept 2018. Implications of Research for Services

Donnelly C, Cairnduff V, Chen JJ, Kearney T, Fitzpatrick D, Fox C, Gavin A. The completeness and timeliness of cancer registration and the implications for measuring cancer burden. Cancer Epidemiol 2017; 49:101-107. doi:10.1016/j.canep.2017.05.007

Marcos-Gragera, Rafael; Mallone, Sandra; ... ; Gavin A; Fitzpatrick D et al. Urinary tract cancer survival in Europe 1999–2007: results of the population-based study EUROCARE-5. European Journal of Cancer October 2015.

Peer reviewed publications
Peer reviewed publications