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Professor Roche’s research focuses on two key themes;

Precision Nutrition: One ‘healthy’ diet does not fit all. Human intervention studies demonstrate that individuals will respond or not to any healthy diet, despite equivalent compliance. Precision Nutrition seeks to determine if / how / why certain individuals are at risk of dietary stressors and / or respond for effectively to a healthy dietary intervention.

Nutrigenomic approaches will elucidate the molecular mechanisms wherein nutrition impacts health. It is at the cutting edge of translational nutrition research. 

Current research projects, conducted in collaboration with University College Dublin, Ireland, focus on metabolic - inflammation, relating to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes (T2D), cardiovascular disease (CVD) and sarcopenia.

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PhD applications welcome from exceptionally bright, motivated and committed scientists interested in pursuing a career in Precision Nutrition and/or Nutrigenomics. The PhD theme will suit those interested in understanding if/how the foods/nutrients consumed influence human health, with a view to advancing understanding in relation to the mechanistic and evidence base.

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