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‌'One of the most energy efficient film studios on the island of Ireland...'

‌The new film studio, located just off University Square, represents an investment and enhancement to existing facilities in Film Studies and The School of Creative Arts of over £1m in the last two years. Accessible through the Queen’s Film Theatre, the studio is approximately 13m L x 12m W x 13m H and is sound insulated to broadcast specifications. Students can work at anytime free from the noise of the world outside.

The lighting grid which covers the entire floor plan, features custom made Doughty hoists with state of the art broadcast approved LED and cool running lighting systems from Arri and others. A full DMX lighting control system has also been installed. This system is rooted through a programmable ETC lighting control desk.

This sustainable design approach makes the studio one of the most energy efficient studios on the island of Ireland. Energy consumption is less than 10% of a conventional studio with comparable light output and fittings. The studio features independent overrides for both the underfloor heating system and air conditioning system. 
The vents for this cooling system are baffled for minimum background noise during rehearsals and teaching.

Lighting hoists can be controlled independently and lowered easily to ground level by wall mounted controls or remotely.

Editing and Grading Suite adjacent to the Film Studio

Integrated into this facility are two high end broadcast quality 4K online film and television editing and grading suites. These suites feature a narration booth and share an integrated storage solution over a fibre optic network. The edit suites enable staff and students to finish film and documentary projects to a level that currently exceeds international broadcasting standards.

The central focus of the studio’s design was to create a student centric resource, enabling students to work in an autonomous and safe way yet have access to industry standard studio equipment and facilities.

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