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‌The Sonic Laboratory
could best be thought of as a 'cinema for the ear' - a specialist acoustic space designed to provide a unique and  immersive listening experience - the auditory equivalent of an IMAX cinema. Forty-eight loudspeakers, strategically located, will project and move sounds throughout the space, including underneath the audience. No other auditorium for sonic art performance and experimentation currently exists with this revolutionary feature. The provision of this facility gives Northern Ireland a unique and pioneering role in a rapidly developing field.

This facility enables research teams to develop and implement cutting edge initiatives in the creation and delivery of music and audio. 

The Sonic Laboratory's uniqueness is vested in the degree of flexibility it can provide for experiments in sound diffusion (the relaying of sounds through a large complex of loudspeakers) and for ground-breaking compositional and performance work within a purpose-built, variable acoustic space. 

As an engineering research facility, the Sonic Laboratory will provide unparalleled opportunities to develop and test new ideas relating to loudspeaker design, loudspeaker placement, music perception, music interaction, delivery and diffusion. 

Click here to see the Sonic Lab Specs 

Please note if visiting the Sonic Lab:

The ground level is a metal grid that allows sound to come from the basement level.  It is therefore advised not to wear heels.
Food and drink is not permitted in the lab