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American Studies

Research Opportunities


  • The Politics of Progress: Revolution and Enlightenment, 1650-1800

  • Transatlantic studies, 1600-1900

  • British and American culture, literature and history, 1600-1900

  • History of the book and textual cultures

  • American studies

  • Historical biography

  • Cultural theory

  • Digital humanities

Professor Wil Verhoeven



Research Opportunities



Dr Trevor Argus

  • British film history

  • Film censorship

  • Film controversy

  • Audiences

Dr Sian Barber

  • Italian cinema

  • European Screen Industries

  • Film and space

  • New Wave cinema

  • Film distribution

Dr Stefano Baschiera

  • Policy design / delivery

  • Inclusion and inequality in arts / cultural production and consumption

  • Social processes of cultural production and participation

Dr Victoria Dueer

  • Digital culture in Brazil and Latin America

  • Representation of urban Brazil (particularly the favelas of Rio de Janeiro)

  • Contemporary Brazilian audiovisual production (especially documentary)

  • Brazilian cultural studies

  • Latin American cultural studies

  • Digital ethnography

Dr Tori Holmes

  • Popular Cinema

  • French Thrillers

  • Literary Celebrity

Dr Dominique Jeannerod

  • G.F. Handel

  • Thomas Moore

  • London theatre history (c.1725-1825)

  • Music in Ireland (c. 1750-1850)

  • 19th-century book trade

Dr Sarah McCleave

  • Dance Studies

  • Choreographic Practices and Processes

  • Practice as Research

  • Affect Studies in performance

  • The Maternal in performance

  • Movement practices and performance

  • Interdisciplinary performance practices

  • Collaborative performance practices

Dr Aoife McGrath

  • Argentine Literature and Art

  • The Fantastic in Literature/Art/Film

  • Hispanic Surrealism and Avant Garde Movements

  • Religion and Spirituality in Hispanic Art and Literature

  • Questions of Self and Subjectivity in Latin American Literature and Art

Dr Ricki O'Rawe

  • Digital Instrument Design and Performance Practice

  • Technology Mediated Composition

Dr Miguel Ortiz

  • Twentieth and twenty-first century Irish writing (mainly drama and fiction)

  • British and Irish working-class writing

  • Community Theatre

  • Diaspora and migrant writing

  • Race/ethnicity in contemporary Irish theatre

Dr Michael Pierse

  • Sound art

  • Socially engaged arts

  • Context-focused Composition and performance

  • Multimodal food experience

Professor Pedro Rebelo

  • Politics in music and song (all genres/ national/ international/ contemporary / historical)

  • Cabaret and music theatre

Dr David Robb

  • Music /music performance

  • Research that reaches beyond music and draws on other areas of research

Dr Franziska Schroeder

  • Francophone-Chinese Studies

  • Intermediality

  • Contemporary literature, including women’s writing

  • Migration / Mobility Studies

  • Sartrean Studies

Dr Rosalind Silvester



Research Opportunities                  


  • Modern poetry

  • 20th century war writing

  • Modern Irish literature

  • Modernist literature

 Dr Fran Brearton

  • Global Shakespeare

  • Early Modern Literature and Culture

  • Shakespeare and Film

Professor Mark Thomas Burnett

  • Creative Non-Fiction

  • Fiction

  • Young Adult Fiction

Dr Garrett Carr

  • Poetry

  • Creative writing

Dr Leontia Flynn

  • Literature in English written and published between 1680 and 1830

  • Particularly: women’s writing, Jonathan Swift, Byron, Irish writing in English

  • Feminist approaches to literature and culture of this period

Professor Moyra Haslett

  • Early modern studies, particularly Shakespeare and Renaissance performance cultures

  • Age, childhood and gender in early modern literature and culture

  • Early modern literature (especially drama) and civil unrest, including protest, riot

Dr Edel Lamb

  • Contemporary Irish Literature and Culture, specifically Northern Irish fiction and drama since the 1998 Agreement

  • Comparative studies in Post-conflict cultures, specifically in relation to issues of dealing with the past and reconciliation

  • Comparative studies in trauma and memory studies with a focus on the contemporary Irish cultural context

Dr Stefanie Lehner

  • Dickens studies

  • 19th-century British writers, Irish literature and culture, women's travel writing

  • 20th-century Irish literature

  • Modern post-colonial fiction & theory

  • The literature of landscape and place

  • Film and fiction

  • TV adaptations of 18th-century/Victorian fiction

  • 20th and 21st-century fiction and poetry

  • Textual criticism

Dr Leon Litvack

  • Imperial travel writing and the literature of exploration

  • Nineteenth and twentieth-century colonial fiction

  • The African novel in English

Dr Justin Livingstone

  • Writing for screen

  • Writing for theatre

Dr Tim Loane

  • Playwriting for stage and radio

  • Screenwriting

Dr Jimmy McAleavey

  • Contemporary Poetry

  • Modern Irish and British poetry

  • Poetics

Dr Gail McConnell

  • American Poetry, in particular Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop and the Middle Generation

  • American Fiction

  • Transcendentalism

  • Addiction and Literature

  • Literature and Suicide

Dr Philip McGowan

  • Creative Writing Prose

Professor Glenn Patterson

  • Eighteenth-century literature (1660-1820)

  • Prose fiction: Behn to Austen

  • Laurence Sterne

  • Literature of slavery & abolition, 1660-1840

  • Contemporary historical fiction

Dr Shaun Regan

  • Eighteenth-century Periodicals

  • Literature and empire

  • Indian Literature in English

  • The Lake Writers

  • Ireland and Empire

Dr Daniel Roberts

  • Victorian Literature, Culture and Politics (including the 1890s)

  • Literature and Science

  • Literature and Ethics

  • Periodical Culture

  • Nineteenth-Century Fantasy, including Science Fiction and Fairy Tale

Dr Caroline Sumpter

  • Postcolonial literatures and film from Portuguese-speaking Africa

  • Gender Studies

  • Representations of Female Heroism

Dr Maria Tavares

  • Early Modern Women’s Writing

  • Shakespeare

  • Adaptation

  • Memory Studies

Dr Ramona Wray


Research Opportunities


  • Exploring the shared ground between translation and philosophy

  • Logic

  • Theology

  • Linguistics

  • Literature

  • Ethnography

  • History

  • Science

 Dr Piotr Blumczynski

  • Global Shakespeare

  • Early Modern Literature and Culture

  • Shakespeare and Film

Professor Janice Carruthers

  • Translation

  • Social narrative theory

  • Travelling theory

  • Complexity theory

  • Russian area studies

  • Literature, music, space and other related areas

Dr Sue-Ann Harding

  • Cognitive studies of translation and interpreting

  • Translation and interpreting pedagogy

  • Translation and interpreting industries

  • Conference and community interpreting

  • Professionalization of translators and interpreters

Dr Chen-En Ho

  • Translation, Interpretation and Representation 

Professor David Johnston

  • The language of literature

  • (Cognitive) Stylistics

  • (Critical) Discourse Analysis

  • Translation Studies (of audiovisual/literary texts or from a linguistic perspective)

Dr Jane Lugea

  • Linguistics: formulaic language, multiword-fixed expressions in Irish

  • Memory Studies: ideas of collective and cultural memory in linguistic landscapes

  • Folkloristics: the narrative tradition and verbal arts

Dr Marcas MacCoinnigh

  • Syntax and/or morphology (theoretical, comparative)

  • Cross-linguistic variation and its formal modelling

  • Diachronic linguistics and language change

  • Language acquisition (first or second, particularly the acquisition of grammatical knowledge)

Dr Marc Richards

  • Arabic-English translation

  • Translation in the Arab world

  • Media and journalistic translation

  • Citizen media

  • Narrative approaches

  • Non-professional translation

  • Digital culture

  • Activist translation

Dr Neil Sadler

  • French sociolinguistics

  • Variation and change (in any language)

  • Sociohistorical linguistics

  • Language attitudes

  • Language and gender

  • Prescriptivism and standard languages

Dr Anna Tristram