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Clinical Academic Training

Prepare for a future in research and training

The Northern Ireland Clinical Academic Training Programme at Queen’s, offers opportunities at different levels to experience high quality research and prepare for a future career in research and training.

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What is Clinical Academic Medicine & why is it so important?

  • ‌Clinical academic medicine is the practice of medicine in a university or medical school. This usually involves a combination of research, teaching and patient care.
  • Clinical academics performing medical science are in a unique position, taking observations from patients into the laboratory for study. With the aim of eventually returning to the bedside, with new knowledge to improve patient care.
  • Over the last 100 years the practice of medicine has moved from a reliance on myth and complex rituals to proven theories and treatments. This has come about as clinical academics and scientists working together have developed theories and treatment that have undergone testing and retesting as our knowledge of the human body and the world around it increases.
  • The Clinical Academic Training Programme Board (CATP), comprised members from Queens, Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA) and the Belfast HSC Trust, oversee the academic progression of the trainee in ACL, ACF and AF2 programmes.  
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Academic Clinical Fellow & Lecturer

Recruitment now open. Closing 4pm, 28 February 2019

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AF2 Recruitment

OPEN FROM 1-12 OCTOBER (12 NOON), 2018

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Clinical Academic Training at Queen’s University, Belfast is in partnership with the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

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Clinical Research Fellow

Join our team of expert researchers

Clinical Research Fellow trainees take time out of specialty training 'out-of-programme' and apply to the relevant Postgraduate Deanery to seek permission to undertake a period of research. Funding for the project should be identified and early application is encouraged.

Research Opportunities

Training Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

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Summer Studentships

Summer opportunites for undergraduate students

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Intercalated Opportunities

Unique exposure to modern science

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For further information, contact a member of our Clinical Academic Training team. 

Director, Clinical Academic Training Programme 
Professor Peter Maxwell

ACL/ACF Programme Lead
Professor Peter Maxwell

Programme Director for Certificate in Academic Medicine & AF2 Programme Lead
Dr Richard Turkington

Academic Lead - Mentoring 
Professor Jayne Woodside

Trainee Representatives 
Dr Helen Groves (Academic Clinical Lecturer)
Dr Emma Cunningham (Academic Clinical Fellow)

Postgraduate & Professional Development Manager 

Ms Valerie Reid

Professional Development Secretary
Mrs Claire Kelly

Postgraduate and Professional Development School of Medicine, 
Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences 
Whitla Medical Building, 2nd Floor
97 Lisburn Road,
Belfast, BT9 7BL

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9097 2158

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