Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some common queries. This content is continuously being updated; please contact us if your query is not answered here.

How do I purchase print credit?

There are 2 ways to credit your print quota:

1. Online using a credit or debit card: 125 pages for £5 or 300 pages for £10.  The system is accessed from the "Print Credit" icon on the desktop. The system requires you to enter some personal details.  These are not recorded or processed in any way by the University. 

If you have problems using this system please contact the IT Helpdesk on 028 9097 5152.
2. Students can transfer money to their Smart Card by inserting the card into a reader in the Student Computing Centre in the McClay Library or by using the My Smart Card application within Queen's Online. Using either method £1 purchases 20 pages, £2 purchases 40 pages, £3 purchases 60 pages or £10 purchases 200 pages. 

NOTE: that if the My Smart Card application is used a pending deduction transaction appears in the My Smart Card transaction list. This method can only be used again once the card has been inserted into a Smart Card Reader.

How do I connect to the QUB wireless network?

Full wireless network instructions for both Windows and Mac devices can be found here

Further assistance my be provided by the IT helpdesk at the Ground floor in the McClay library.

How do I order an inter-library loan?

The Inter-Library Loans Service exists to obtain books, articles, theses, reports, patents or standards which you need for your work, but are not available at any branch of Queen's University Library.

This service is available to the following groups of Library users:

a) Students and staff at Queen's University
b) AFBI and HSC staff who are registered members of Queen's University Library
c) Associate members (for a fee)

Further information, including about how to make a request, can be found here.

How do I find information on postgraduate accommodation at Queen's?

The Accommodation and Hospitality department are responsible for co-ordinating student accommodation within Queen's. The most current information regarding accommodation at Queen's, including the types of accommodation available, how to apply and their contact details, can be found here

The Students' Union also offers advice on accommodation here.

In 2012, Queen's can offer a brand new postgraduate and international student village. Information on Willow Walk is available here.

Guthrie House offers single sex apartments for postgraduate students, located right in campus.

Mount Charles is a historic street of postgraduate housing three minutes walk from the university.

Queen's offers advice on private sector accommodation as well.

A comprehensive list of letting agents can be found here:

The following websites are useful if you are looking for roommates or a single room in a house:

What support services can I access?

There are various Student Support Services at Queen's Univeristy which you can access.  Please see a brief list (and links) for these below.

Postgraduate Student Support

General queries
Postgraduate funding
Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme
Postgraduate Taught Training

International Student Support
International student welcome and induction
Visas/immigration advice
General queries

Advice SU
Financial Adviser - advises on grants, loans, fees, Support/Hardship Funds, the financial aspects of repeating years and course changes, Social Security Benefits and other general financial issues.

Education and Welfare Adviser - advises on accommodation, including Queen’s accommodation, private landlords, deposits, repairs, checking leases/contracts. Brian also covers academic issues, including representation at Progress Committees, complaints and appeals.

Money Management Adviser -  advises on debt, this includes overdrafts, credit cards, loan agreements, arrears of payments, negotiating with creditors and any other debt issues. Guidance on budgeting and money management is available and students do not need to be in a ‘crisis situation’ in order to seek advice.

Learning Development Service
Developing academic skills such as writing skills, referencing, exam preparation etc

Careers, Employabilty and Skills
Job opportunities
1 to 1 appointments
Careers events

Disability Services
Physical and mobility difficulties
Visual impairment
Hearing impairment
Medical conditions
Learning difficulties e.g. Dyslexia
Mental health

Counselling Service
Adjusting to University life
Personal growth
Family concerns
Anxiety and depression

What are the semester dates for the academic year ahead?

What is the university student charter?

The University’s single biggest obligation is to ensure that the period between enrolment and graduation is one of personal growth and development for each and every student.

This Student Charter helps to create the environment where those expectations can be met and ambitions realised. It is the result of a real partnership between students and staff.

Click here to read more about The Student Charter.

I am in receipt of a postgraduate studentship. When can I expect my monthly stipend?

Stipends are paid into student bank accounts on the 25th day of each month. For new students beginning a studentship in Autumn, you can expect your first payment on 25th October. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What do I do if I have a problem with my Supervisor/Advisor of Studies?

This can be a difficult issue. If there is another staff member in your School whom you feel you can trust, you could speak to them.

If you don't feel comfortable speaking to anyone in your School, then you can speak to the Student Welfare Officer in the Student's Union.

Where can I get a new student card?

Go to the first floor of the Student Guidance Centre.

Cards that are damaged will be replaced for free.

Cards that have been lost or damaged through misuse will cost £10 to be replaced.

Is parking available to students?

Parking is only available for students who are disabled “blue badge” holders.


Alternatively, if the student does feel that a condition they have restricts mobility, they should get a letter stating this from their GP for referral to Occupational Health.

See for more information.


Queries should be addressed to (ext 5005).