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Offering you a safe campus experience

The University is planning to provide an authentic experience on campus that includes face-to- face teaching starting in September 2021.

We are optimistic that by September the roll- out of the vaccination programme will have been successful allowing students to enjoy and benefit from the wide range of activities and facilities on campus across our libraries, student spaces, cafes, sports centres and social hubs.
Getting Ready for Campus

Find out more about our plans for Semester 1 of the 2021-22 academic year, including:

  • Next Year - Teaching Arrangements
  • Travelling 
  • Arrival & Preparation
  • Communication from the University
  • Vaccination Arrangements

Get Ready for Campus

Pre-Semester Programme

Our packed Pre-Semester Engagement Programme is aimed at both new and returning students.

It will be filled with face-to-face and virtual events and activities to connect you with campus and student life! The team over at the Student Wellbeing Service will be putting on a number of events to support you to make new connections, find out all that Belfast has to offer, learn how to establish a good sleeping routine and achieve a healthy study / work / life balance!
The Pre-Semester Engagement Programme will take place during the week of Monday 13 - Sunday 19 September.
Registration will open on Tuesday 17 August 2021 
Book a free COVID-19 test

By taking a test when you don’t have symptoms, you will help play your part in maintaining a safe campus for everyone.

All students and staff should get tested before coming on to campus for any reason and then arrange regular testing twice a week or as often as possible for as long as you are on campus. In the first instance, you should arrange two tests no less than three days and no more than seven days apart.
Learning and Studying

Using MS Teams, Canvas, being a digital learner - where do you begin?

Familiarise yourself with our resources on the core technologies you will be using, as well as how to enhance your digital learning skills! 

Explore Learning & Studying here

Self-Isolation & Quarantine

You are not alone

We are here to support you throughout your self-isolation period. Find out about the available support we have put in place for you, as well as ways to keep occupied and use your time well

Self-isolation & Quarantine


Get set for the beginning of the 2021/22 academic year

Check out our list of key dates to help keep you on track, prepare you for joining or re-joining the University, and things to watch out for! 

Your Timeline

Given the changing nature of the pandemic, these commitments are subject to the guidelines that may be in place at the time. For example, if restrictions are increased/eased in the future then facilities and services may not be delivered as described.