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Progress Monitoring and Annual Progress Review

Regulations to support progress within the RDP are outlined in regulation 6 of the Study Regulations for Research Degree Programmes.  These include regulations for:

  1. Effective supervision.
  2. The development and updating of the research plan.
  3. An initial review of the feasibility of the project and the research plan, taking account of the required timeframe for the RDP.
  4. Regular progress monitoring by the supervisory team, including the requirement for a minimum of ten (six for part-time and thesis-only students) formal, recorded meetings per year between the supervisor(s) and student to monitor progress against the research plan; and mechanisms to identify and deal with progress issues at an early stage.
  5. Annual Progress Review (including differentiation).

Annual Progress Review

Student progress is reviewed annually, by an independent progress review panel, until the student has completed the Research Degree Programme (RDP).  Schools should provide details of the type of student submission that is required for students completing each year of study, including any other information/requirements that the School deems appropriate for the discipline.

Students registered for the PhD by Published Works normally complete the programme within one year of registration, and therefore are not expected to engage in Annual Progress Review.

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