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I develop approaches to understand and predict species' dynamics in a world of continuous change: temperature rise, land-use change, species introductions. 
I use a combination of modelling, field studies and data analysis to reveal how species’ life-histories interact with environmental conditions and human intervention, to produce large-scale ecological patterns. I favour models as tools to address these questions for theoretical or applied studies. I juggle between modelling techniques to best approach the problem at hand, but I like those emphasizing mechanisms. 

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Open to PhD applications from students with a desire to use state-of-the-art methods to advance fundamental questions in ecology, or address practical conservation issues, in systems as varied as boreal forests, Irish pastures, arctic mountains, and cities. 

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Research Students

Name: Dafne Ram 

Analysing the dynamics of birds and butterflies at the interface between forest and farmland, in Sweden.

Name: Kez Armstrong

Analysing how landscape structure affects source-sink dynamics in bird and insect species important for conservation and ecosystem services.

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