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Identifying and finding solutions to the accidental and deliberate contamination of the world’s feed and food supply systems. Our research groups develop highly innovative ways to detect contamination using a wide range of analytical tools such as immunoassay, molecular spectroscopy and advanced mass spectrometry.

We also build chemometric models to ‘fingerprint foods’ and other advanced software tools to identfying where food contamination incidents may occur in the future using predictive analytics.

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We are always keen to recruit researchers with skills that match our research focus and students who want to work in a highly multidisciplinary team. We work with industry, governmental organisations and other university nationally and internationally.

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Research Students

Phd Title: The exploitation of ambient mass spectrometry in food analysis

Name: Nicholas Birse

Years of Study: 2nd

Country: Scotland


Phd Title: Ways to mitigate against the contamination of foods with mycotoxins

Name: Oluwatobi Kolawole

Years of Study: 2nd

Country: Nigeria


Phd Title: Development of novel tools to combat food fraud

Name: Kelsey Robson

Years of Study: 2nd

Country: United States


Phd Title: The search for biomarkers of microcystin-LR exposure

Name: Richard Welten

Years of Study: Final

Country: The Netherlands


Alumni: where are they now?

Caroline Handford

PhD title:  An analysis of the main drivers to promote global food safety collaboration on emerging issues

Country: UK

Current position: Food Standards Agency

Connor Black

PhD title: Use of advanced mass spectrometric tools to detect food fraud

Country: UK

Current position: Research Fellow, Institute for Global Food Security

Michalina Oplatowska

PhD Title: Detection of illegal food dyes using immunochemical techniques

Country: Poland

Current Position: Research Director, Europroxima, Holland


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